The voice remote that immediately understands your requests

Telecommande Helix

The Helix voice remote

Easily control all the features of your Helix TV terminal using the buttons on your remote or voice command. Simply hold down the Microphone button and say what you want or what you’re looking for to instantly access your favourite content or the many integrated apps.

Easy to pair with the Helix TV terminal, your TV, and your audio receiver, the Helix voice remote can control all your devices.

checkmark Voice recognition technology adapted to a wide variety of French and English accents in Québec

checkmark Backlighting activated as soon as the remote is operated

checkmark Quick pairing with multiple devices for centralized control


Voice remote included with the free rental of the Helix TV terminal.*

Helix voice remote technical specifications

Manufacturer: UEI
Model: XR15
RF Protocol: Zigbee RF4CE for two-way communication with the Helix TV terminal
IR protocol: to control a television, home theatre, sound bar, etc.
White backlighting: activated by an accelerometer
Integrated microphone and speaker Batteries: 2 AA batteries (alkaline recommended)

Schema telecommande
  1. TV Input
    Selects the available inputs on your television.
  2. Light
    Indicates the remote’s status. Location of the microphone.
  3. Power
    Turns the television and Helix TV terminal on and turns the television off when the voice remote is paired.
  4. Vol + or -
    Increases or decreases the volume of the television or audio device with which the voice remote is paired.
  5. Mute
    Enables or disables sound.
  6. CH + or -
    Enables you to change to the next or previous channel.
  7. Rewind (<<)
    Rewinds On Demand content and digital recordings.
  8. Play/Pause
    Starts and pauses direct TV, On Demand television and digital recordings.
  9. Fast forward (>>)
    Fast forwards On Demand content, digital recordings and direct TV content for eligible channels: if the fast forward feature is not available, an information window will appear.
  10. Exit
    Enables you to exit the Guide screen or digital recordings, return to the episode list when viewing On Demand content, and return to the current broadcast when viewing pre-recorded content.
  11. Record
    Starts the recording of the current broadcast or allows you to program a recording in the Program Guide.
  12. PG Up & PG Down
    Jumps up and down several lines in the Program Guide and menus. Enables you to skip forward and backward when playing recorded or On Demand content.
  13. Guide
    Displays TV Listings. Press the Guide button a second time to filter the list according to the following categories: All Channels, Free To Me, Favourites, HD Channels, Movies, Sports, Kids and Trending.
  14. HELIX
    Displays the Helix main menu, which gives access to all features: search, settings, On Demand content, recordings, apps, and Program Guide. When the HDMI-CEC feature is enabled, turns on the TV and the terminal simultaneously, and automatically tune in the correct video input.
  15. Middle button
    Selects a highlighted item in an on-screen menu.
  16. Navigation pad arrows
    Enables you to navigate within the on-screen menus.
    • The right arrow scrolls through the Mini-Guide to display the name of the program being aired on the current channel. Press this button again to see the programming up to 14 days ahead.
    • The down arrow enables you to access on-screen viewing commands.
  17. A (triangle)
    Displays the Help menu.
  18. B (square)
    Displays accessibility settings.
  19. C (circle)
    Launches the Sports application and displays scores, even while you are viewing a program.
  20. D (diamond)
    Deletes a digital recording or several recordings in a file.
  21. Back arrow
    Returns to previous screen. While watching a program, press the back arrow to see the nine previous items viewed. This can be channels, recordings or On Demand content.
  22. Microphone button
    Activates voice command. To use voice command, hold down the Microphone button and speak.
  23. i (info)
    Displays detailed information about the program.
  24. Alphanumeric keypad
    Enables you to go directly to a channel (e.g., 010 or 818) or use the predictive search function to search by key word, like the name of a channel or an actor (e.g., search “TVA” by pressing 8-8-2).

enfants telecommande

Voice command

To simplify your TV experience thanks to voice recognition. To easily dictate your control, navigation, and search commands, and watch as your TV reacts instantly or displays what you’ve requested.


Frequently asked questions about Helix voice remote

To get a new voice remote, log in to My Account, go to the Services and Equipment section and purchase the remote control.

No, there’s nothing to worry about! You must press and hold the voice remote’s Microphone button for it to pick up a voice command.

Shopping online, it’s worth it!

Fast and free delivery

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Helix technology is available or exclusively available in some regions.

Helix voice remote 
An additional voice remote can be purchased through a single payment of $20. Taxes not included.