Radius wristband

A solution currently in development for a benevolent return to work in the context of COVID-19.

Radius wristband

Committed to support our customers in the relaunch of their activities in compliance with government guidelines, Videotron Business is working on an ethical solution that meets these needs while respecting individual privacy. We would like to know the level of interest of our customers towards the Radius wristband, currently in development and being tested in our business units.

Entirely designed and made in Quebec, the Radius wristband supports the return to work and facilitates compliance with the social distancing measures in the workplace, while never using geolocation.

Product features

Proximity alert

Rechargeable battery

Online portal

Respect of social distancing measures issued by the government
The Radius wristband physically alert employees in close proximity using vibrations and lights, helping them respect Institut national de la santé du Québec (INSPQ)'s instructions related to existing COVID-19 protecting measures to reduce virus transmission risk.
Partner of your business continuity
The Radius wristband records proximity interactions (less than 2m or 6 feet) between the wristbands. If one of your employees has tested positive for COVID-19, you will be able to trace previous interactions and take preventive action, while reducing impacts on your enterprise productivity.
Simple and durable

The Radius wristband will alert employees with haptics and LEDs if they stand within 2m of one another. If a positive case of COVID-19 is declared, the solution comes with an user friendly web interface that allows the authorized person to consult previous interactions considered at risk. 

Practical and versatile, the Radius wristband can easily be worn on your wrist (wristband) or attached to your clothes. Knowing that the government measures issued by INSPQ will evolve depending on the context, the Radius wristband has been designed to allow adjustments so that it can continue to assist you in the best way possible.

Respect of privacy
Each bracelet records interactions within 2m (6 ft), using an anonymous ID. Wristbands distribution to your employees is a privileged information reserved to your enterprise only.  Therefore, you are the only one who can identify the person wearing each bracelet, and Videotron does not have any access to this information.
A few simple steps

The Radius wristband analyzes interactions using Bluetooth technology in 3 simple steps: 


  1. The wristband detects the proximity of other bracelets and alert its owner if standing at less than a 2m distance of any of them.
  2. Through a gateway installed on premises, the wristband periodically transmit the interactions to the cloud server.
  3. If an infection is confirmed, a designated person from your entreprise will be able to visualize the interaction history detected by Bluetooth and use the web interface anonymous data to set up an internal action plan.



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