Take-back Credit: save 30% on your phone

Reduce the monthly payments for your brand-new device now by opting to return it after 24 months.

A credit that makes you want to change your device

A credit that makes you want to change your device

By choosing the Take-back Credit when you purchase a new phone with the Simplified Payment option, you get an immediate 30% credit on your monthly payments for 24 months. At the end of your agreement, simply return the phone in good condition.*

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The advantages of the Videotron Take-back Credit program

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You can return your phone after 24 months or pay back the allocated credit and keep the device if it still meets your needs.

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Recent technology

Stay on the cutting edge by choosing a newer phone that meets your needs and swapping it for a newer one after 24 months.

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Reduce your 24 monthly phone payments with the Videotron Simplified Payment option by returning the phone to your store at the end of your agreement.

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Frequently asked questions about the Videotron Take-back Credit program

When purchasing your new device with the Videotron Simplified Payment option, you can choose the Take-back Credit program.

No. Several of the latest models are eligible for the Take-back Credit. You can find them easily, as they mention “Take-back Credit” on our Mobile page.

New phones will be continually added to the range of devices eligible for the Take back Credit program, based on market conditions.

At the end of your 24-month agreement, bring your phone to your store so a representative can have a look at it and make sure it’s eligible to be returned.

See all requirements for returning a device

Yes, but you will have to repay the full amount of the credit allotted as part of the Take-back Credit program.


*This limited-time offer applies to Videotron customers who subscribe to a Mobile service with a 24-month agreement. The Videotron Take-back Credit is offered upon purchase of selected eligible devices and must be combined with the Videotron Simplified Payment option upon subscription to an eligible Mobile plan. The Videotron Take-back Credit entails a variable monthly credit, depending on the device, for 24 months. At the end of the 24-month agreement, the customer must return their device in good condition to a Videotron store within 30 days. Conditions, requirements, and ways to prepare for an accepted return are available here. Conditional upon credit approval by Videotron. If the agreement is terminated before the end of the 24-month period, the customer will be responsible for the remaining payments, and if the device was discounted, a penalty equal to the monthly discount multiplied by the number of months remaining on the agreement will be due. If the customer does not return their device with a Take-back Credit, they will be required to reimburse the totality of the credit granted. The discount and deferred balance are subject to applicable taxes. The Take-back Credit is not subject to taxes. It is possible that this offer cannot be combined with other promotional offers. Offers, services, and rates are subject to change without prior notice. Certain conditions apply. One-time $50 Mobile activation fee. Municipal tax of $0.52 for 911 emergency services and other applicable taxes extra.