3 advantages to bringing your own business mobile devices

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Does your organization have a bunch of smartphones collecting dust in the bottom of a drawer, or recent devices that are no longer being used? At Videotron Business, you can bring your own device to activate a plan for your employees. Here are a few advantages of proceeding this way, for businesses of all sizes.

1) Save time and money

Since your business already has a number of unused devices, there’s no need to update your company’s tech inventory. Way to save time and money! You have the option to use your own devices, knowing that the expense was already made. Plus, you will save money on your monthly invoice!

You will also get the satisfaction of optimizing your existing resources. Unused devices will be given a new purpose, maximizing the return on investment associated with the initial purchase while limiting the environmental impact of overconsumption.

The performance of smart devices from previous years is more than sufficient for business needs. And the mere fact of using the equipment you have on hand can make a huge difference in the context of optimizing operations. You can now have more mobile lines at a lower cost!

2) Improve your operational efficiency

Businesses can easily activate the mobile devices they already have on hand. This allows them to quickly distribute the devices to their employees without having to go through an extended buying process.

Your operational efficiency will also increase with the possibility of configuring devices based on specific business needs as those needs arise. This helps ensure the tools provided are in line with your staff’s duties. And when you opt for standardized configurations for all the devices, you facilitate the technical support required by the users. This will also allow you to ensure the security and confidentiality of the data exchanged by adopting certain specific measures to that effect.

3) Enjoy great flexibility

Not only will you save on the devices in question, but you will also enjoy greater flexibility when it comes to connecting said devices. Videotron Business understands the reality of all its customers—you included—and wants to help you reach your objectives by offering you a solution adapted to your needs.

The “Bring your own device” plans are offered with no fixed-term obligation. Seasonal businesses that need a mobile telephone service for only a part of the year do not have to worry about a long-term commitment. If this is your case, you are free to connect during your period of activities, and then disconnect during your down season.

There is also flexibility in the sharing of data between your different mobile Lines. This feature helps prevent going over the data included in your plan; you can easily track your data usage in your dedicated Customer Centre.

Good to know

Take advantage of all the benefits for your business of bringing your own mobile devices.

Discover the options available to you today!

July 2024, By Videotron Business

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