How to build customer loyalty?

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In 2018, 257 restaurants in Québec filed for bankruptcy. It’s therefore essential that restaurants and bars learn how to stand out from the competition! The quality of the food and freshness of the ingredients remains a top priority, but now more than ever, companies need to figure out how to build their brand and optimize their customer experience.

Good to know

68% of customers say that ambience is a key factor in their decision to return or recommend the place to a friend.

A dynamic ambience

With the abundance of quality restaurants and trendy bars out there, Quebec consumers have their pick to choose from. Attracting a clientele and building brand loyalty is a significant challenge faced by restaurant and bar owners. The ambience in a restaurant or bar has a huge impact on its popularity.

Diversified music

Three-quarters of people like to hear music playing in a restaurant. But did you know that 43% of customers prefer listening to different genres of music, as opposed to just one musical style? As such, we recommend opting for a music service such as Stingray, which offers a wide and diverse selection of music. All you have to do is select a genre that fits with the time of day, and patrons get to enjoy a diversified musical offering while they eat or drink.

Trendy events

Watching a sports event is usually a group activity. Occasionally broadcasting targeted and popular events (sports and cultural) is a sure-fire way of encouraging customers to come back to your establishment! Of course, image quality has a huge impact on customer experience, so we recommend subscribing to an HD or Ultra-HD TV service, as well as equipping yourself with a 4K terminal.

Free Wi-Fi

Snapping a pic of your food, tagging your whereabouts online, and posting snapshots of your night out . . . all these real-time interactions require mobile data. Savvy restaurant and bar owners know they should offer free Wi-Fi to customers. With free Wi-Fi, customers are more likely to stay longer and come back in the future. And an added bonus? A customer’s mobile device will show your place of business as their location when they post online!

A reliable Internet connection

An Internet service interruption—whether caused by repairs or pesky little rodents!—can quickly ruin the customer experience. You need to avoid unwanted interruptions in order to ensure business continuity and maintain brand loyalty. To do so, you need an automatic backup solution, such as access to a mobile network. By opting for our wireless backup service, you’re protecting yourself and your business against Internet power outages.

Be reachable by phone

Make sure you’re always reachable, never miss out on an opportunity to connect with your customers, and always ensure excellent customer service. Customers want to be able to change their reservation, warn you they’ll be late, or place a special order. For more flexibility, transfer your incoming calls to your mobile phone. With Cloud Communications, you’ll also benefit from an automated receptionist.

In conclusion, even the best dishes fall short if served in an establishment lacking ambience! To help safeguard your restaurant’s future, your best bet is to diversify your offering and opt for telecommunication services that contribute to the wellbeing of your customers and that help grow their loyalty.

In a nutshell—3 key elements to help build brand loyalty:

  1. Focus on the customer experience
  2. Choose top-quality telecommunication services
  3. Be easily reachable and offer good customer service

17 January 2020, By Videotron Business

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