SME : 8 tips to find the right mobile plan

8 conseils pour bien choisir son forfait mobile v2

Your business is up and running again. As a manager, you’re doing your best to adapt to the hybrid work model. Your employees, for their part, appreciate the opportunity to work from home. You want to help your teams be productive, regardless of their location. Mobile technology is part of the tools at your disposal to help you do this.

Here are some tips for choosing the best Mobile plan for your needs.

1- Data sharing: a must

According to Statistics Canada, nearly half of all Canadians (46%) check their smartphone every 30 minutes. Whether it’s to respond to a text, share a picture, or edit a document in preparation for an upcoming meeting, the mobile device is an indispensable everyday tool, both at home and work. It’s therefore important to have a Mobile plan adapted to your business needs and to the imperatives associated with your teams’ work.

The ability to share available data among employees is therefore crucial. These data plans allow for several users to have access to the data included in the mobile plan in a given period. This helps prevent the risk of going over the data limit (GB) included in your plan . . . and additional charges as a result.

So before you choose your service provider and mobile plan, make sure the data included can be shared among all devices (smartphones, watches, and tablets) used by your team. With Videotron Business, users need not worry about this, as data sharing is systematically included.

2- Additional data at a reasonable price

When mobile phone users go over their data limit, they get charged for the additional data used. Users get a notification that the data included in their plan has been exceeded. This gives accountholders peace of mind, knowing that the extra data will be charged at a reasonable price and helping to prevent exaggerated overages. The amount charged varies from one provider to another: it is generally visible on the invoice as an overage charge.

If, despite the above-mentioned data-sharing ability, you reach your data limit, you need to ensure you have access to a bank of additional data at an affordable price. The rate needs to be known ahead of time and specified in your contract. It’s not just a matter of saving money; it’s also a matter of choosing a business partner who is known for their transparency.

Consider the Videotron Business FlexGo option—data tiers are automatically activated, allowing your business to use additional gigabits once you reach your plan’s data limit. Each 2-GB data tier costs $5, up to a maximum of 18 GB of additional data.

Now there’s a solution that allows you to stay focused on your true mission: your business goals! Manage your business like a pro, without having to worry about going over your data limit. You will simply receive an automated notification as soon as a data tier is activated, as needed.

3- A vast network and calls overseas

Sooner or later, business travel will resume, and new ties will be forged with potential clients all over the world. And who knows where your next quote will take you? One thing is certain, the mobile network you choose needs to work wherever you go.

Make sure you have a plan adapted to your mobility needs. Enjoy a reliable, fast connection all over Canada and the United States, just like you would at the office. With unlimited calls, texts, pictures, and videos, colleagues can be in touch and stay on top of your company’s activities. So, do you need coverage in Québec, Canada, or North America? Videotron Business has partners all over Canada and the United States, allowing users to enjoy the same network as the biggest telecommunications providers in the world.

4- Reliable download speeds

Planning the number of GB needed for all of your teams is great, but you need to make sure this capacity can always be deployed at full speed. Unfortunately, several mobile service providers significantly reduce the download speed after a certain amount of data is used during the month. The speed eventually becomes insufficient in ensuring standard use of the smartphone.

When choosing a telecommunications company or a given plan, validate this detail before you sign an agreement! This is business, after all, and you have obligations and no time to waste! This concern for efficiency must also translate into the download speeds included in the desired plan.

5- Complementary insurance on each device

Your business devices play a key role in your operations. Being deprived of access to one of these devices following damage can be a major hassle. But don’t panic! Videotron Business offers complementary protection in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty. This means you can be covered in the event of accidental damage in the course of your activities.

Your device may, in some cases, be repaired the same day. Otherwise, a replacement phone could be shipped out on the next business day after the service request is accepted. The goal is to allow you to stay connected at all times, even if one of your new smartphones unfortunately gets damaged.

The Mobile Device Protection Program therefore aims to protect new devices activated as part of a new subscription or renewal. Whereas the manufacturer’s warrantee is limited to covering manufacturing damages, this protection program covers accidental damages (cracked screen, water damage, defective mic, etc.) for an additional period of up to 24 months.

The program will automatically end after this period, and you will no longer be charged the monthly service rates, with no intervention needed on your part. You can also cancel this subscription at any time.

6- Easy payment for new devices

Acquiring several new devices simultaneously comes with significant costs. That’s why Videotron Business created the Videotron Simplified Payment option. Under this program, the cost of each selected device is divided into 24 interest-free instalments, with no money down on purchase.

The advertised cost of the device of your choice is therefore paid in 24 equal monthly payments, with no additional cost. As of the 25th month, the portion of your invoice associated with the cost of the phone disappears, and you begin paying the monthly cost of your plan only. You own the devices from this point forward.

You therefore do not need to pay the full amount in one lump sum, and you can put some of that money toward another project in your strategic plan. Whether you want to start a continuous improvement process, refresh your website, or reorganize your offices, you will now have the financial freedom to do so.

7- Do your research

Impulsive buying? No thanks! As a consumer, what do you do before a major expense? The odds are you will start by visiting the different websites where the item in question is sold. You’ll take notes, ask questions, and look out for any promotions so you can make the best purchase possible within a timeframe that meets your needs. And you should do the same for your business expenses!

With a structured buying process, you can get the best possible solution for your SME. Certain tools are also available to businesses online. For instance, price-comparison sites can help you in your search, but it’s always best to speak with a representative to adequately guide you in your buying process.

Email notifications keep you updated in the event that the price of the selected plans changes. Other features can help you keep track of prices and tell you whether it is best to get your plan now or wait a little longer.

8- Service specifically catered to businesses

As a director or manager, you need reliable solutions to ensure your SME’s longevity. While shopping around for a telecommunications service provider, make sure you find one who offers quality service exclusively intended for businesses, regardless of the size of your business.

Finally, when choosing a mobile plan, take the time to determine what’s important to each of your employees as part of their work. As an employer, the cost of the plan is clearly one key factor to consider, but it isn’t the only one. The possibility to gain in flexibility—what with data sharing and the automatic activation of additional gigabits at an affordable price—will allow your organization to continue working towards excellence in the era of hybrid work. And why not work with a technological partner who can support you and offer you a service adapted to your needs.

23 August 2021, By Videotron Business

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