Multiple unit dwellings: our telecommunication solutions

Regardless of the size of your multiple unit dwelling, tailor-made Videotron Business telephone, Internet, TV, and Internet of Things solutions are sure to meet your needs.

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An entire department of experts dedicated to the specific needs of real estate developers and owners of multiple unit dwellings for the past 20 years.

As industry leaders, we deliver more than 200 large-scale projects each year.

Thanks to our engineering-consulting approach, we’re capable of offering you customized solutions, adapted to your reality and clientele.

Our wide range of services evolve based on your needs and buildings:

  • Rental apartment complexes
  • Senior housing
  • Group of co-properties (condos)
  • Student housing 
  • Rooming houses

The separate invoicing model used by Videotron Business allows you to benefit from volume discount agreements and enhance your rental offer. It also provides your tenants with greater flexibility, as the options and service upgrades they choose will be invoiced to them directly.

Solutions benefiting both the developer AND the tenant

Separate invoicing model

The separate invoicing model used by Videotron Business simplifies your life. Here’s how it works:

For the developer

  • Invoices for selected plans sent directly to the owner.
  • A single invoice for all services.

For the tenant

  • Each tenant can open a Videotron account to their name.
  • Tenants can manage their accounts, add or modify their services, and contact Technical Support when needed.
  • Any services added that are not included in the original agreement are invoiced to the tenant directly.

Services offered

Create perfect combinations based on your building’s specific needs. Choose from our wide selection of Internet, Cable Telephone, and TV plans.

Take advantage of volume discount agreements on selected basic packages, like the Duo Internet + TV and Solo Internet.

Turnkey services, from start to finish
Our services include pre-wiring, equipment, installation, after-sale support for users, etc.

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Opt for a basic Internet plan, capable of meeting most needs, with possible upgrades to 100 or 400.

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Select one of our packages created for various types of clienteles. Your tenants can then add the channels of their choosing.

See TV channels

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Offer your tenants our most comprehensive Telephone plan, which includes long-distance calls across Canada and 7 handy features.

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Business Services for the Building

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Want to communicate effectively in common areas?

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