Wavelength service

Dense wavelength division multiplexing increases data transfer via optical fibre.

Get the most out of your fibre optic network.

Maintain your business continuity and recovery plans, especially in the event of a disaster, and optimize your interconnections with data centres. The Wavelength service meets all your operational needs thanks to more than 60 data centres in Québec and Ontario that rely on the DWDM platform, so you can have peace of mind.

Break free from equipment management and investment constraints, and benefit from ultra-high-capacity point-to-point interconnection which can go beyond 1Tbps.

  • Entirely transparent traffic
  • Lowest possible latency
  • Higher transfer rates available
  • Confidentiality

The Wavelength service is ideal for connecting two remote business locations via a single common network, in complete confidentiality.

Facilitating back-ups and duplicates
Our service facilitates the creation of back-ups and duplicates between two places of business, be they offices or data centres, regardless of the volume or amount of data.

The ideal alternative to dark fibre
Investing in dark fibre to connect two business locations is not always possible. To enjoy the lowest possible latency between two remote business locations and reduce equipment and maintenance costs, the Wavelength service is the ideal solution.

High level of performance
Our service offers the highest level of performance available when it comes to interconnecting your data centres.

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