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Profile of William Bellerive owner of multiple Videotron stores.

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The owner of several boutiques in Laval and the Laurentians, William Bellerive made his first foray into the business world at 24 years old, nearly 27 years ago. He tells us about his journey and how he successful overcame various challenges.

Since purchasing his first franchise in 1996, he earned valuable experience in retail, restaurant, construction, and real estate management. “My parents weren’t entrepreneurs, but my father always encouraged me to work for myself,” remembers Bellerive.

That’s what motivated him to work in a video store when he was 17 and still in school, eventually studying business administration in university in hopes of starting his own business.


These days, proximity is a rare commodity. However, it is this proximity to the reality of your business and to your region that makes our strength. With now 39 stores offering the full range of business services to local entrepreneurs, we have decided to make a series of portraits that highlights the entrepreneurial spirit of the owners of those stores.

Strategies for going into business

Bellerive quickly found an opportunity to make a name for himself at the company he worked for, and where the lease agreement between the four shareholders was not fixed. “There was no succession plan,” explains the Laval native. “So I showed up with my business plan and made them an offer.”

He recommends that young people thinking of going into business go work in an industry they feel passionate about. “Most entrepreneurs don’t have successors. One strategy entails integrating a business and bringing solutions.”

“Employees want to be a part of the decisions. I believe that surrounding yourself with the right people is the key to success. Going at it alone is very stressful.”
“Employees want to be a part of the decisions. I believe that surrounding yourself with the right people is the key to success. Going at it alone is very stressful.”

William Bellerive

Preparing his own succession

Few entrepreneurs have the ability to let go. “There are always some underlying concerns,” says Bellerive. He therefore came up with the idea of sharing the reigns to ensure not everything falls onto his shoulders. He then started considering whether one of his collaborators could become a potential successor, who would also contribute to the company’s development.

“It’s so much easier with two people. Alone, I’m not sure I would have made it,” acknowledges the entrepreneur in reference to the pandemic.

The health crisis helped him realize that he needed to learn to contend with unplanned scenarios and situations beyond his control. “And the longer you’re an entrepreneur, the more you’re faced with challenges of all sizes!”

December 5 2022, By Videotron Business

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