The future is 5G

Building 5G Together in Quebec

avenir et 5g

5G in L’Avenir

To help Quebecers understand 5G, the technology of the future, we visited Quebecers from the town of the future... L’Avenir!

Jean, Mathieu and Jean-Michel, as well as Gaétan and Michèle had some questions for our Videotron experts to better understand the ways in which 5G will improve our day-to-day, our work and even our safety. Together they explain the main principles of the 5th generation of wireless connectivity and how it will be used in the future.


Jean, a farm owner and snowmobile enthusiast, discusses 5G speed with Stéphane, an expert in charge of new product development at Videotron. Find out how a faster download speed will change our daily life and work.



Mathieu, a volunteer firefighter, and Jean-Michel, a mechanic, talk about latency with Simon, an expert in new product development at Videotron. Learn about latency and how lowering it through 5G will allow us to perform actions and tasks with zero delay, very nearly in real time.


Increased connectivity

Gaétan and Michèle , a couple that produces maple syrup, talk to Sylvain, an expert in network development at Videotron, about increased connectivity. Learn how 5G technology will make it possible to connect more devices at once, for safer and more effective interactions in our society.



5G with Videotron

Since 2020, we have been progressively deploying our 5G network throughout our entire mobile network so that you can enjoy all the benefits of 5G within the next few years. Check out our 5G coverage map and find more answers to your questions.


5G Technology Frequently Asked Questions

It’s the abbreviation for the 5th generation of wireless connectivity. It follows four previous generations that each contributed in their own way to improving our connected life.

5G will allow us to access new features by enhancing, for example, the development of connected objects and virtual reality. This will open up a new world of possibilities, as devices will work better together and with us to provide improved protection, prevention, performance optimization, etc.

More and more of the new mobile phone models will be compatible with Videotron’s 5G network. Like previous generations, 5G will eventually be available on all the usual devices, and even on new types of devices and a wide variety of connected objects used for commercial and personal purposes.

Videotron already offers 5G-compatible mobile phones from several major brands. Samsung, our partner in the 5G deployment, has a brand new Galaxy S21 5G Series.

Videotron has deployed its 5G network in certain areas of Montreal and plans to gradually expand its coverage throughout its entire network in the coming years.

To develop the 5G network, a number of small antennas need to be installed in strategic locations to provide ultrafast speed. These small antennas could be placed on urban property and on the walls of some buildings. The antenna layout will be determined in close collaboration with local authorities.

Consumers’ demands and needs are constantly evolving, and technology can help meet those in whole or in part. 5G will provide progressively more features that will improve our daily lives and allow us to make major breakthroughs. Whether it’s making video calls to multiple people or watching movies on your mobile, every technological advance from 1G to 4G has brought improvements to our connected life, and 5G will lead to even more.

In addition to providing an ultrafast network with unprecedented reliability, 5G technology will pave the way for more connected objects and innovative entertainment. Whether it’s optimizing connectivity for online video games, expanding virtual and augmented reality opportunities tenfold, or pushing the boundaries of the smart home, 5G will ultimately lead to a richer connected life. It will also be the source of technological advances enabling companies to remotely manage processes, inspections and operations more effectively.

The three major 5G improvements are increased speed, meaning it will be much quicker to download large files, movies, or medical records, for example; lower latency, meaning a reduced delay when information is sent and received between the device used and the network, allowing for real-time remote responses; and greater connectivity capacity between millions of objects, to improve our data management and performance.

Canada’s regulations are science-based and among the strictest in the world. Videotron complies with ISED and Health Canada standards and carefully follows all public authorities’ instructions. 5G will primarily use the same 4G frequency bands that have been used for many years.

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