5 GB Business Basic plan

To grow your business without having to worry about data.



Monthly savings : $10.00


  • 5 GB/month of shareable data across Canada + 60 GB BONUS/year

  • FlexGo option

  • Data at full speed at all times


  • Unlimited calling and texting in Canada

  • Unlimited Wi-Fi Calling in 120 countries

  • Call Display, Voicemail and Call Forwarding

  • Unlimited calling and texting in Canada

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5 GB of data at your service

Manage your business efficiently with the 5 GB plan per month. The included FlexGo option automatically activates to meet your needs with additional data. Work and communicate without constraints while enjoying the best speed at all time on your mobile devices.

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A powerful connection across Canada

Optimize your time by staying connected across the country. Your team will be able to download and upload documents while on the road, attend video conferences on the go, and view live presentations from anywhere.

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Free Wi-Fi Calling

Quality network coverage

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* Bonus 60 GB/year for 5 GB Canada Business plan: This limited time offer applies to Videotron Business customers who subscribe and maintain their subscription to an eligible Videotron Mobile plan. The offer entails a yearly 60 GB bonus that will be applied on a monthly bonus of 5 GB of shareable, non-transferable data, free of charge in Canada, for customers subscribed to a 5 GB Canada Business plan. This offer is applicable for a period of twenty-four (24) months from the initial subscription date. One bonus data offer per telephone number per twelve (12) month period. It is possible that this offer cannot be combined with other special offers or additional monthly Data Add-ons. Certain conditions apply.