Changes made to Videotron Business’ Voicemail

From April to June 2023, some changes will be phased into the Voicemail service for Mobility and Business lines customers.

There will soon be a few changes made to some Videotron Business’ Mobility and Business Phone Voicemail features. While you will still enjoy the same benefits of this service, some commands will be modified.

Key changes made to Voicemail

  • You will be able to save your messages for up to 90 days
  • Some commands will be changed

Frequently asked questions about the changes made to Voicemail

Voicemail changes will not be applied at the same time for all customers. You will receive a notification via email, SMS or mail indicating when these changes will apply to you.

Yes, you will keep your saved messages.

However, they will be permanently deleted 90 days after the Voicemail changes.

Your messages can be kept for a minimum of 90 days after changes are made to the voice mailbox, and then they will be gradually deleted.

Any new message saved will be kept for a minimum of 90 days and then permanently deleted.

No. You will keep your greeting message.

Here are the most popular functions and their new keys:

  • Go back to the beginning of the message: 4
  • Delete the message (even while listening) and go to the next one: 77
  • Save the message (even while listening) and go to the next one: 99
  • Return to the main menu: *

You can consult the new diagram.

Yes. These changes will not affect Visual Voicemail. If you encounter any issues with this iPhone feature, check out Apple support, or contact Technical Support.

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