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Helix TV app

The Helix TV app gives you more flexibility to watch all your content freely, at home and away.

More flexibility and freedom with your app!

Download the Helix TV App, which is included with Helix TV, to watch your favourite shows and movies without needing a TV or even to be at home.

You can also directly access your content whenever you want on your computer through the Helix Web platform.

Watch your Live TV channels, a ton of On Demand content and your downloaded content on any of your screens, at home or remotely.

Two ways to enjoy the Helix TV App to watch TV as you like it

The Helix TV app is included with all our Helix TV plans.
Prefer to subscribe only to the Helix TV App? You can do so by directly choosing a plan offered without a Helix TV terminal.

Your Helix TV app

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Live TV streaming on all your screens

Since you like to watch your content with your family at your cottage, in your room away from your roommates or as a couple while your children watch something else, the Helix TV app is as flexible as your imagination. Your TV follows you everywhere, on any screen you choose, thanks to the cast feature.

You can even use your tablet or smartphone, with Chromecast technology, to play your content on your TV in the blink of an eye, without needing a Helix TV terminal. Other compatible streaming devices will soon be added.

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