Refurbished cellphones

Give a second life to a used cellphone: shop a cellphone refurbished by Videotron and find the perfect device for you from among a vast selection of models at affordable prices.

Give our refurbished cellphones a 2nd life.

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2nd life cellphones: a wise choice

Your kids are begging for a cellphone or your old flip has seen better days? Offer a 2nd life to our used cellphones.

Choose a used phone at Videotron and opt for an almost new condition device, at an affordable price, and none of the hassle that comes with buying a second-hand device from a stranger.

Our certified refurbished devices are economical and sustainable; give them a 2nd life.

  • From 50% off the regular price[ln]
  • 1 year Videotron refurbished warranty[ln]
  • Simplified Payment option with a new plan

In order for you to receive a phone in almost new condition, all Videotron refurbished cellphones are inspected, reset, cleaned, and tested before being sent in a new generic packaging[ln].

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Are you a new customer or an existing customer thinking of adding a plan to your account? Opt for the Simplified Payment option to pay your new refurbished cellphone.

Discover the Simplified Payment option

The advantages of choosing a refurbished cellphone at Videotron

The price
The price

Get a used phone from 50% off ¹ the regular price, in addition to benefitting from the Simplified Payment option as a new customer or when adding a new Mobile plan.

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The warranty
The warranty

When you purchase a certified refurbished cellphone at Videotron, you have the warranty of a quality device with slight imperfections, but also a 1year satisfaction warranty.

Discover the 30-day warranty

Plans that fit your needs

Combine a Mobile plan to your new refurbished cellphone.

Frequently asked questions about refurbished cellphones

Only phones brought back by our customers when buying a new one are accepted. This means they can’t have been stolen or blacklisted.

Therefore, most of our used cell phones have only been in use for 24 months.

Yes. Videotron offers a 1 year warranty on refurbished devices.

Consult applicable conditions.

Our certification process includes a series of tests that each device must pass 100% before it can be sold as a certified refurbished phone by Videotron. In this way, we ensure that the performance is equivalent to that of a new phone.

As for the battery, we make sure that it is at least 80% of its original capacity, otherwise we replace it with a new battery.


More than 30 certification points are evaluated on the phone’s main components:

  • Battery at least 80% of initial capacity, charging up and displaying correctly 
  • All connections work, e.g. Wi-Fi, network, Bluetooth, and others
  • All buttons, keyboards, and vibration modes work
  • Cameras, speakers, and microphones work
  • All ports and card slots are fully functional
  • Every pixel on the display works, images and colours are clear, sharp, and bright



Each certified refurbished phone comes with a certified USB cable.


Your phone will be carefully slipped into a protective pouch before being packed in one of our eco-friendly, fully recyclable cardboard boxes.

  • Secure transaction
  • Wide selection of devices
  • Great price without any surprises
  • Certification of proper functioning
  • Quick and easy activation
  • 1 year warranty

No. The refurbished cell phones inventory is the same whether you shop online or in-store.

Our policies are the same as for a new device. You can consult them here.


1The discount is calculated based on the difference between the retail price of the refurbished device and its sale price.

2Details and conditions pertaining to Videotron’s refurbished warranty apply

3Any accessories included with a refurbished phone, whether new or used, might not be the original ones and are not covered by the warranty.

4Battery life may vary depending on prior usage. Refurbished devices have not been repaired, remanufactured, or refurbished by the original manufacturers.