Mobile device protection program

Mobile Device Protection Program

Accidentally dropped your phone in water or cracked its screen? No need to go running for the bag of rice or the toolbox! The manufacturer’s warranty is only limited to electrical and mechanical damage, but you can further protect your device with Videotron’s Mobile Device Protection Program.

Compatible with mobile devices equipped with Android or Windows operating systems.

Mobile Device Protection Program rates

Android Device value of:

$299.99 or less

$300 to $599.99

$600.00 or more

Tarifs mensuels

7 $/mois*

9 $/mois*

11 $/mois*

Benefits of the program

  • Your phone is covered for up to 24 months
  • In person repair service at a point-of-service or by appointment, as per availability or via postal service.
  • A replacement phone is shipped to you the business day following the service request approval
  • You can cancel your Mobile Device Protection Program at any time
  • An affordable monthly fee

Program coverage

Manufacturer warranty

Mobile Device Protection Program

Electrical damage*
Mechanical damage*
Accidental damage
Repair service
Bris d'écran
Damage caused by droppage
Damage caused by liquid
After an electrical and mechanical damage*
Unlimited – 12 months
Unlimited – 24 months
Repair after an accidental damage
$79 fee for repair
Replacement after an accidental damage
Replacement fees from $99


If you have an iPhone, AppleCare+ for iPhone extends your repair coverage and technical support to two years from the original purchase date of your iPhone.

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*Electrical and mechanical damage is covered by the manufacturer's warranty during the first year of coverage.

Enrollment in the program

You may enroll in the Mobile Device Protection Program with a new subscription to Videotron Mobile service or the renewal of your subscription, both including the activation of a new mobile device. You may also enroll in the Program within the 30 days following your purchase of a mobile device by going to a Videotron point of sale. On presentation of the latter for a preliminary inspection.


The Mobile Device Protection Program has a maximum duration of 24 months. After this period, the Program will terminate automatically, and the monthly service fee will cease to be charged to you without any intervention on your part.


You may terminate your contract at any time, and for any reason, by calling Videotron at 1-877-951-8468 or by visiting a Videotron store and requesting a cancellation. You may cancel your subscription to the Protection Program and receive a full refund within the first thirty (30) days of your subscription if you comply with the conditions described at If the contract is canceled more than thirty (30) days after you receive the contract, we will reimburse you the pro-rated monthly service fee based on your contract cancellation date.


The Program is not transferable to any other person, or any other mobile device than the one that you subscribed to the Program with.

Service requests

The Program covers a maximum of two (2) service request (device repair or replacement) for accidental damage during a consecutive period of 12 months from the date of the first service request placed. Electrical and mechanical damage is covered by the manufacturer's warranty in the first year of coverage. It is your responsibility to make sure your mobile device's content is saved and your data deleted before submitting a service request.

Other applicable fees

Upon approval of the service request, fees of $79 to $249, plus tax, may apply.
For all information related to applicable fees, please refer to the Terms and Conditions provided when you purchased the Mobile Protection Program or visit our website at

Fee for an unreturned mobile device

You will be charged a fee if you do not return your mobile device within thirty (30) days of receiving your replacement device.

Fee for a locked mobile device

Your mobile device must be unlocked before submitting a service request. In the event that your mobile device is still locked (remote location function or equivalent application), you will be charged an unlocking fee.

Service request conversion fee

If You submit a Service Request and elect to repair Your Protected Equipment but the Protected Equipment cannot be repaired, You may be charged a Service Request Conversion Fee as set forth above in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Contract prior to receiving Replacement Equipment.

About the program

Videotron's Mobile Protection Program is offered by Likewize ( The Consumer Protection Act offers a warranty on all goods you buy or lease from a merchant. The Mobile Protection Program is an optional plan offered to Videotron's mobile customers. Other protection programs may be offered by other agents or insurers, which the customer may prefer. Under no circumstances is the customer obliged to subscribe to Videotron's Mobile Protection Program.