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Pixel 5

Pixel 5: The best of Google in 5G*.

Discover the Google Pixel 5, a powerful device that lets you do everything faster. Use wireless charging to recharge its long-lasting battery equipped with adaptive management and even charge your other devices. Capture precious memories during the day and night using its HDR+ camera and see even more with its ultra-wide lens. Use the Google Assistant to make your life easier by having it manage tasks or do things on your phone when you’re busy with something else.

Pixel 4a

Google Pixel 4a: Really useful

Discover Google’s Pixel 4a, an affordable phone that truly meets all your needs. Take pictures with perfectly adjusted colour and lighting thanks to HDR+ technology, and with Night Sight you’ll be taking pictures late into the night. Let the Google Assistant make your life easier by making it perform certain tasks while you’re on the go or busy with something else. Enjoy greater freedom thanks to the Adaptive Battery that focuses its battery power to your favourite apps.


* Coming soon to Videotron. 5G coverage, product features, and performance may vary and are subject to network availability and connectivity.