All the best content, on Helix

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All the best content, on Helix

With Helix, you get instant access to all your content from Club illico, Netflix and YouTube

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Local content on Club illico

Offered as a Premium network channel in some TV plans, Club illico contains a ton of original Quebec series, like Victor Lessard, La dérape and L’Académie. It’s full of exclusive productions, films and documentaries, with new content added weekly. Watch it when and where you want!

Stranger things

Binge-watching Netflix

You can use Helix to watch all your Netflix1 shows. Binge-watch the latest hit series or have a movie night, all on your TV, thanks to the Netflix app1 on Helix.

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Everything and anything on YouTube

All the videos you could ever want, whenever you want! Access YouTube from your TV with the YouTube app to discover original content creators, up-and-coming artists and much, much more.

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Tons of music videos on XITE

XITE is a music video stream app offering you a wide range of music videos, from the newest to emerging artists and old classics. With over 100 music video channels, organized across a wide range of genres, decades, moods, themes, activities and more, XITE has something to captivate everyone. Tailor your experience by using the app, for example by liking music videos and creating your own playlists.

Helix technology is available or exclusively available in some regions.
1. A Netflix membership is required to use the Netflix app


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