A police drama tinged with suspense and mystery

Directed by Frédérik D’Amours, the series Lac-Noir was produced in 2021.

Valerie, a city policewoman, settles for the summer with her son Dave in Lac-Noir, a tiny village in the Laurentides. It’s a peaceful, uneventful place, at least on the surface … because Valerie comes to help Adrien, the local police chief whose partner has mysteriously disappeared without a trace. Valerie quickly discovers leads that lead her to strange symbols and intriguing pentacles. In the village, the disappearances continue, the leads multiply and the suspects abound. What is the link between all this? Will Valerie manage to unravel the mystery of Lac-Noir?


  • Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin : Valérie Roberge
  • Stéphane Demers : Adrien Archambault
  • Anthony Therrien : Dave
  • Laurie Babin : Jade
  • Louise Cardinal : Maryse Archambault
  • Normand D’Amour : Eddy
  • Pierre-Alexis St-Georges : Cédric
  • Victor Andrés Trelles Turgeon : Mathieu
  • Alexandre Castonguay : Steeve Provost
  • Étienne Lou : Danny Provost
  • Andreas Apergis : Conrad Cochrane
  • Isabelle Miquelon : Monique
  • Jade-Mariuka Robitaille : Sora
  • Louis-Philippe Dandenault : Olivier
  • Isabelle Nélisse : Laurie
  • Marc Fournier : Marc
  • David Bélizaire : Gregory
  • Vincent Paradis-Montplaisir : Zach
  • Zoé Tremblay-Bianco : Eva
  • Marcelo Arroyo : Père Samuel


Bon à savoir

Serie Lac-noir S01 EP01

Episode 1 – Un croissant de lune pour déjeuner

Serie Lac-noir S01 EP02

Episode 2 – Pourquoi t’es dans la lune

Serie Lac-noir S01 EP03

Episode 3 – Aboyer à la lune

Serie Lac-noir S01 EP05

Episode 5 – Prendre la lune entre les dents

Serie Lac-noir S01 EP06

Episode 6 – La lune n’a rien à craindre des loups

Serie Lac-noir S01 EP07

Episode 7 – La face cachée de la lune


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