Le temps des framboises

A successful series written by Florence Longpré and Suzie Bouchard

Directed by Philippe Falardeau, the series Le temps des framboises was produced in 2022.

In the midst of a midlife crisis, Elisabeth inherits the family farm following her husband's sudden death. Standing up to her in-laws and taking on the immense task of a novice now running the whole operation, she plunges headlong into this new and unpredictable life, with as only allies her sons Junior, who has behavioural problems, and William, who is deaf, as well as the seasonal workers who live on the farm. Together, they will plunge into the heart of moral dilemmas, fight against hyper-controlling in-laws and live disturbing passions! While Elisabeth never really cared about the seasonal workers, they will become almost like a second family. In their respective solitude of mourning and exile, they will all find an unexpected refuge there.


  • Sandrine Bisson : Elisabeth Daveluy
  • Elijah Patrice : Junior Conley
  • Xavier Chalifoux : William Conley
  • Micheline Lanctôt : Martha Conley
  • Anthony Lemke : John Conley
  • Paul Doucet : Denis Conley
  • Ellen David : Rachel Conley
  • Anne Beaudry : Maureen Conley
  • Nicole Leroux : Estelle Conley
  • Kathleen Stavert : Peggy Conley
  • Edison Ruiz : Francisco Guanco
  • Jorge Martinez Colorado : Emilio Ramirez
  • Johnny Cortes : Luis Lozano Valencia Puerras
  • Andres Romo Salido : Gustavo Quiroz
  • Marco Ledézma : Jorge Flores Alvarez Ruiz
  • Rubén Meza : Santiago
  • Clémence Dufresne-Deslière : Océane Marquis
  • Frédéric Desager : M. Bertolli
  • Marilou Forgues : Jessica Leboeuf
  • Richard Jutras : Monsieur le Maire


Bon à savoir

Serie Temps des framboises S01 EP02

Episode 2 – Juste au mauvais moment

Serie Temps des framboises S01 EP03

Episode 3 – La vie est ainsi faite

Serie Temps des framboises S01 EP04

Episode 4 – Monsieur Bertolli

Serie Temps des framboises S01 EP05

Episode 5 – Erin Brokovich

Serie Temps des framboises S01 EP06

Episode 6 – La loi c’est moi

Serie Temps des framboises S01 EP07

Episode 7 – La volonté de fer

Serie Temps des framboises S01 EP08

Episode 8 – Le dernier pardon

Serie Temps des framboises S01 EP09

Episode 9 – On a tu le droit de rêver, c****

Serie Temps des framboises S01 EP10

Episode 10 – Le ciel à portée de mains


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