Videotron, the connection to carnival craziness.

Videotron is proud to support the emblematic Carnival, a tradition that is well entrenched in the hearts of Quebecers.

While waiting for the next edition of the Québec Winter Carnival

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Videotron and the Québec Winter Carnival, connected for the pleasure of Carnival lovers.

Videotron enables young and old Bonhomme fans to experience memorable moments outdoors through a variety of programming designed to let off some steam: Jos’ Camp by Videotron, Hockey Videotron and much more!

Jos’ Camp, the perfect place to go crazy and have fun.

Located at Place George-V, Jos’ Camp is definitely the ultimate site of the event, a place to have fun or take on challenges with friends or family. Get your crazy on by practising the Axe Throwing, the Slogging and Tripping obstacle course, Precision Hockey, or wiggling your way through the Trad Dance Revolution video game. A perfect way to warm up and rekindle the lumberjack spirit in all of us.

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