Canada’s anti-spam legislation

Learn more about the consent required by Videotron to send you electronic communications and update your devices.

What is Canada’s anti-spam legislation?

Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL) protects Canadian consumers from the following:

  • Unsolicited emails and text messages
  • Unauthorized installation or updating of computer programs on their devices

For more information, visit the Government of Canada CASL website.

Consent to receive emails or text messages

Some emails, such as notices about invoices, contract amendments, or service usage, are for information purposes. Explicit consent is not required to send these notices.

However, we need your consent to send you marketing-related electronic communications. These communications include emails or text messages informing you about current offers, new products, and benefits you are entitled to. They allow you to take full advantage of your Videotron experience. See how to configure your communication preferences.

Consent to receive device updates

Under CASL, your consent is mandatory to install or update programs used to operate purchased or leased devices for which you are the authorized user.

That’s why when you subscribe, you must provide consent for us to update devices related to the use of your services (terminal, modem, Gateway, mobile phone, pods, etc.). Updates are critical to applying security patches to devices and the network, maintaining service quality, making the latest features available, and improving our customers’ experience.

Good to know

All telecommunications service providers in Canada must abide by the same rules and obtain their customers’ consent to update the various programs that keep their equipment running smoothly.

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