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Discover 5G with VIDEOTRON

What is 5G technology?

5G is the 5th generation of wireless network technology. It offers three major improvements:
  • Faster speed
  • Greater capacity
  • Reduced latency (round trip transmission time from the device to the server)

Ultrafast Internet, guaranteed

Over time, 5G networks will transmit data up to 20 times faster, seamlessly connect about 1 million devices per km2, and reduce latency to close to zero (1 millisecond as opposed to the current average of 50 milliseconds).

What difference does 5G make in our day-to-day lives?

In practical terms, 5G improves the digital services and tools you use on a daily basis. With 5G, streaming data-heavy content, like movies or video games will be a piece of cake. If you’re a gamer, it will provide optimized connectivity for online gaming and open the door to new AI, VR and AR possibilities. And since 5G can support numerous simultaneous connections, you can also use all your smart devices without causing any connection issues, for the ultimate smart home.

5G is deploying at Videotron

5G technology with Videotron is available in selected urban areas of Québec. Our 5G network will be gradually rolled out to cover our entire mobile network over the next few years.

Videotron offers 5G in Montreal as well as in some parts of the South Shore and the North Shore, covering very busy urban areas.

The 5G coverage map in Montréal

5G in Québec City

Videotron offers 5G in Québec City, covering the main urban areas where the population lives, travels and transits.

The 5G coverage map in Québec City

Discover how the future is 5G in L’Avenir

L’Avenir residents spoke with Videotron experts to better understand how 5G, once deployed, will improve our daily lives and our safety. Learn about the main advantages of 5G and hear L’Avenir residents’ questions about speed, latency and connectivity.
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