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A vast selection of devices at $0

To take care of business whenever you want, wherever you are, your mobile device is your best friend. Discover our vast range of devices and choose the one best suited to your daily activities.

Great plans for your business needs

Videotron's Mobile plans offer you flexibility to meet your business needs. Whatever your data usage or the targeted region, with our Mobile plans, you can save big by sharing your data.

Credits that mean business

Take advantage of generous credits when you add a Mobile Line to your services or when you renew your plans. These credits can be combined with all our other promotions for maximum savings. 

Our mobile advantages

Discover all the advantages that come with Videotron Business Mobile.

All the flexibility you need

Data tiers allow your business to share additional Mobile data when you exceed the data limit on your Mobile plan.

These economical tiers offer peace of mind and flexibility as they adapt to your data consumption. So you can take care of your business without ever having to worry about going over your plan data limit.

FlexGo is an available option on all Canadian Business Mobile plans.

Wi-Fi Calling: stay connected at all times.

Call and text for free over Wi-Fi network, both here and abroad.