Cyber security

Business cyber security protects your business activities on an ongoing basis.

The continuous expansion of the IT perimeter leads to increased vulnerabilities and risks of cyber attacks. We help large companies anticipate these situations and secure their network activities by managing their end-to-end cyber security solution.

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Evolved security portfolio

The Videotron Business cyber security solution gives large companies better control over the security of their IT infrastructure, from their local network to remote workers and cloud-based applications.

Our business cloud solutions allow you to filter applications and web pages, among other things, and block the latest global threats with automatic updates.

Videotron Business SASE solutions include security for:

  • Your local network
  • Teleworkers
  • Emails
  • Terminals
  • DDoS attacks

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Cloud security, offered in managed or co-managed mode, creates a protection perimeter outside your network, allowing you to control and protect your entire infrastructure, from the Internet connection to the user.

  • Local area network protection (perimeter protection)
  • Terminal protection (Devices)
  • Email protection

Our protection against DDoS attacks service intercepts and neutralizes any malicious attempts to saturate your system’s bandwidth.

Connect your users with peace of mind thanks to our turnkey VPN service. This solution is configured and supported by Videotron Business and it allows your employees to access your organization’s resources and data at any time using a secure and flexible connection.

Our solutions will help you keep your business running smoothly without compromising your security. Securing your employees’ access means securing your business against hacking and data theft.

Enhanced security with Videotron Business

Our managed services

Free up your internal resources by entrusting Videotron Business with the responsibility of managing your services according to your needs.

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