Helix Fi app

Easy control of your network, simplified management of your online activities for sound Internet usage, and included Advanced Security options that enhance the protection of your network and your connected home.

Ultra-useful features

Appli Helix Ajouter une personne

Managing by profile, to adopt good habits at any age.

Create a user profile for each member of your family, add or delete users, and manage Internet and device usage based on each person’s age and online activities. Enable Parental Control and customize it for each profile.

Appli Helix Wi-fi

Managing access time, for beneficial screen breaks.

See who is connected and establish each person’s connection schedules. Allocate a predefined number of hours per profile and receive a notification when the time is up. Enable the Active Time Details feature to view how much time everyone spends online, and on which apps.

Appli Helix Limite de durée activité

Managing connected devices, because there are more and more of them.

Configure and manage your devices from wherever you are. See which ones are connected and check their Internet connection performance. Track browsing time per device and temporarily interrupt their Internet access if needed.

Appli Helix Test de connexion

Managing your network, for solutions at your fingertips.

See your network name and password, and share them securely. Check the status of your Internet access, test your devices’ connection to Wi-Fi and get help optimizing it, find the best location for your Wi-Fi pods, and troubleshoot certain issues yourself.

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The most secure Wi-Fi1, to better protect you.

Take advantage of the Advanced Security feature integrated into your Helix Fi app to protect all your connected devices against malicious sites, targeted attacks, and intrusion attempts. Be notified in real time and even remotely as soon as a suspicious activity or threat is detected on the devices using your home network, and quickly correct the situation by applying the proposed solution.

Get notifications when:

  • An unknown device connects to your Wi-Fi network
  • An external device attempts to access devices connected to your network
  • A device visits a potentially dangerous website that may contain malware or spyware
  • A device deviates from its usual behaviour, communicating with a suspicious IP address, for instance
  • A device on your network is compromised and infected with a virus or malware

Block access to former users and quickly access your login information to change it as required.

Several Internet speeds, more flexibility

Helix Internet offers several Internet speed options to meet all types of needs. Choose the download speed that suits you best between our Unlimited GIGA, 400, 100, 60, or 30 Internet plans.

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Control your home automation with the Helix Fi app

Link your compatible smart equipment to the Helix Fi app on your mobile for simplified, centralized management. You could, for example, control your Philips Hue lights and TP-Link light switches from anywhere.

Transfer your services to Helix

Helix services are full of technological perks such as voice command, cross-platform TV interface, Helix Fi app and Advanced Security. It’s time to get them!

Frequently asked questions about Helix Fi app

The Full Network Test, a feature of the Helix Fi app, enables you to test the connection of all your connected devices to your Helix Fi gateway’s Wi-Fi network to ensure that the coverage meets your needs.

You can test your entire Wi-Fi network or a specific device. When connection issues are detected, the Full Network Test will present you with tips on how to improve the situation yourself.

See how to test your Wi-Fi network connection

Not quite, and that’s why it’s important to combine the two: antivirus software not only inspects the content of communications, but also detects viruses embedded in emails and trusted sources, and removes any viruses found.

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*Helix technology is available, or exclusively available, in some regions.

¹ For the protection of all devices connected to the Wi-Fi network at no additional cost. Conditional upon customer activating the Advanced Security feature free of charge in the Helix Fi app.