Helix Fi app


Helix Fi app

Easy control of your network and simplified management of your online activities for healthy Internet usage.

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Control all aspects of your Wi-Fi network, even remotely

The Helix Fi app, included in all Helix plans, makes it easy to manage your devices’ and family members’ network connection from wherever you are. Plus, it provides the most secure Wi-Fi, including Advanced Security options that enhance the protection of your network and your connected home.

Explore these practical features by downloading the Helix Fi mobile app.

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Managing by profile, to adopt good habits at any age.

Create a user profile for each member of your family, add or delete users, and manage Internet and device usage based on each person's age and online activities. Learn to switch off and set an example of moderation for the younger ones.

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Managing access time, for beneficial screen breaks.

See who is connected to your network at any time and determine each person’s connection schedules. Allocate a predefined number of hours per profile for the week or weekend and receive a notification when the time is up. When it is time to eat or sleep, ensure quality moment or restful sleep by suspending access for a set amount of time.

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Managing connected devices, because there are more and more of them.

Configure and manage your devices from wherever you are. See which ones are connected and check their Internet connection performance. Track browsing time per device and temporarily interrupt their Internet access if needed.

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Managing your network, for solutions at your fingertips.

See your network name and password and the status of your Internet connection, find the best location for your Wi-Fi pods, and troubleshoot certain issues yourself.

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Benevolent control at all times, not just for parents.

Enable Parental Control to ensure your family is using the Internet appropriately. Customize it for each profile to limit your young ones’ access to inappropriate sites and how much time they spend on the Internet.

With the Active Time Details feature, view how much time you and other users in your network spend online and what applications they use. Take advantage of this overview of your family's daily activity to establish good Internet habits that allow everyone to manage their screen time and make good use of it.

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The most secure Wi-Fi, to better protect you.

Find out who is connected to your Wi-Fi network at any point in time and get notifications when new devices connect to it. Block access to former users and quickly access your login information to change it as required.

Take advantage of the Advanced Security included into your Helix Fi app to protect all your connected devices against malicious sites, targeted attacks and intrusion attempts. Be notified in real time and even remotely as soon as a suspicious activity or a threat is detected on the devices using your home network and quickly correct the situation, by applying the proposed solution.

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Control your home automation with the Helix Fi app

Link your compatible smart equipment to the Helix Fi app on your mobile for simplified, centralized management. You could, for example, control your Philips Hue lights and TP-Link light switches from anywhere.

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