An innovative experience that will change your online lifestyle.


An innovative experience that will change your online lifestyle.

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Let your voice take control.

One of the core features of the Helix experience, the Voice remote hears you loud and clear. Voice recognition technology was specifically designed to adapt to all French and English accents across Quebec.1

Commande vocale action

Simply say “Action movies”

Thanks to a wide range of voice commands, you can look for entertainment instantaneously. Simply say what you want to watch and Helix will suggest a wide range of content.

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An ultra-smart and high-quality Wi-Fi

The cutting-edge, ultra-fast and smart Wi-Fi offers you a secure, high-performance experience, no matter how many devices are connected. In addition, it continuously optimizes itself to give you the best connection at all times.


Your Wi-Fi at your fingertips

With the Helix Fi app, you can easily manage your household’s online lifestyle. For example, you can see who’s connected to your network or activate Parental Control, even remotely.

Already a Videotron customer?

Do you already have certain services like the Internet or illico with us?

helix television clubillico
Experience channel

All your entertainment in one place!

Binge-watch Stranger Things or spend a quiet Sunday catching up on PAW Patrol. Helix will find the content that best suits your mood on Club illico, Netflix2 or YouTube, as well as your favourite TV channels.

Sport soccer
Sport stats

Helix: a true game changer

Ask for a ton of real-time sports data and watch it appear right on your screen. Even in the middle of a game, you can access statistics, your favourite teams’ profile and schedules of upcoming games. Becoming a sports buff has never been easier!


Soon: a smart home that’s easy to manage

Thanks to the Helix Fi App, you’ll soon be able to control your connected devices from your living room or remotely.3

You’ll also discover how easy it is to adjust your home’s lighting or temperature. The comfort of a connected household will never have been so accessible.

Helix technology is available or exclusively available in some regions.
1. While voice recognition was designed to understand a wide range of accents, some factors may impede search results
2. A Netflix membership is required to use the Netflix app
3. Services available soon

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