Unlimited 400 Mbps Internet Plan

To simultaneously connect a large number of devices, stream content, download and play multiplayer video games.

Monthly $5 lifetime discount

$ 65


One Helix Fi gateway included*

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Monthly $5 lifetime discount

$ 65


One Helix Fi gateway included*

Check availability
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$5/month lifetime discount on 400 Internet

Get everyone on board and pick up speed with high-performance Wi-Fi and unlimited downloads for all your online activities.

The Helix 400 Internet plan at $65/month* includes:

  • Ultrafast and more powerful Wi-Fi 6* for all your devices
  • A strong signal that spreads throughout your home and beyond
  • The Helix Fi app, for easy management of your Wi-Fi and connected devices
  • Advanced Security and Parental Control, for your peace of mind

The Helix 400 Internet plan includes…

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Ultrafast and more powerful Wi-Fi 6* for all your devices

Sécurité avancée cadenas écouteurs

Simplified management with Advanced Security and Parental Control

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High-performance equipment at the cutting edge of technology

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Frequently asked questions on Videotron 400 Internet

GIGA Internet, available in most areas where Helix services are offered, is the fastest Internet plan offered by Videotron. However, the Internet 400 plan perfectly meets the needs of any household with several people who use the Internet intensively.

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Videotron offers five Helix Internet speeds: 30 Mbps, 60 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 400 Mbps, and 1 Gbps.

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With Helix, the Unlimited 400 Internet is definitely a good choice. Thanks to the high-performance Helix Fi gateway, you can enjoy the ultrafast Wi-Fi 6* technology and a strong signal that extends throughout your home. The included Helix Fi app allows you to easily manage your network and all the connected devices, and offers Advanced Security* for even more secure Wi-Fi.

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Helix services availability    
Helix technology is available or exclusively available in some regions.

Internet network    
The Helix Internet network is made up of an alloy of the best technologies: optical fibre, coaxial and cutting-edge Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi 6    
Latest generation of Wi-Fi (802.11ax), subject to connection to the Helix Fi 2 gateway.

Most secure Wi-Fi    
Customer must enable the Advanced Security feature in the Helix Fi app, free of charge.

Helix 400 Internet offer with $5/month lifetime discount 
This limited-time offer applies to new Helix customers who subscribe to Helix Internet. The offer entails: (a) a discount of $288 upon purchase of the Helix Fi 2 gateway, conditional upon subscription to a Helix Internet plan with a 24-month agreement, and maintenance of said subscription (the discount for the gateway will appear on the first invoice); and (b) a monthly discount of $5 for life, conditional upon maintenance of subscription to an Internet plan with a minimum monthly service rate of $70 (before any discount or credit and excluding options, miscellaneous fees, and taxes); and (c) a $100 credit on subscription to a Helix Internet plan with a 24-month agreement, applicable upon activation. Credit will be applied to the invoice within ninety (90) days of subscription. If the agreement is cancelled before the end of the 24-month period, an indemnity corresponding to the monthly amount of the discount granted ($12 for the gateway) multiplied by the number of months remaining on the agreement, including applicable taxes, shall be borne by the customer. Customer has 30 days following activation of their subscription to cancel the agreement with no cancellation fees. In such cases, the current monthly rate will be reimbursed; however, customer will be required to pay the amounts due for optional and occasional services. Services, programming, conditions, and rates may vary by region and are subject to change without prior notice. It is possible that this offer cannot be combined with other promotional offers. Taxes not included. Certain conditions apply.