A Mobility discount that comes back for life

In addition to the price for life promise on your Mobile plans, enjoy a lifetime discount on every Mobile plan added to your Internet service and get together to save even more with the family discount. Save up to $100 per month!

The perfect combination of discounts

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A family discount on each added Mobile plan

With your family, roommates or friends, combine two, three or four Mobile plans under one account and get $5, $10 or $15 off per month on each plan, up to $60 in monthly discounts.[ln]

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A very attractive multiproduct discount

Add an Internet plan to your Mobile plans and save $10 per Mobile plan every month, up to $40 in monthly savings.[ln] The discount is automatically applied to your invoice.


Family discount + Multiproduct discount for life

In addition to being guaranteed to pay the same rate for life for your Mobile plans, you can save up to $100/month for life with this combined discount, as long as your Mobile plans are bundled and combined with your Internet plan.

Save up to $100 per month for life - Get more discount when combining your services

Maximize your savings

Save generously by combining family and multiproduct discounts. Build a team of two for a $30 monthly discount, a team of three for a $60 monthly discount, and a team of four for a $100 monthly discount.

These discounts applied automatically to your invoice, and are valid as long as you keep your Mobile and Internet subscriptions.

Add Helix Internet to take advantage of the multiproduct discount

Discover the benefits of Helix Internet, an advanced technology that offers you an unlimited, ultrafast, and secure connection on all your connected devices and objects. Get a $10 discount on each Mobile plan in your account when you add an Internet plan.

Take advantage of our Helix and Mobility multiproduct offers

Here are our featured bundles, to take as is or modify to suit your needs. Up to $100 in savings per month with the multiproduct and family discounts.

Internet, TV and mobility

Internet and Mobility

Internet and mobility

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Internet, TV and mobility


FAQ about our family and multiproduct discounts

With the family discount, the monthly savings add up. Bundle up to four Mobile plans, including two All-Inclusive plans, on the same invoice and get a monthly discount on each.

The family discount is an ideal offer for everyone since you can pair up to four Mobile plans to get a more interesting monthly discount. That way, you can take advantage of our 5G network with your smartphone.

Of course! You can take advantage of the family discount with friends or roommates rather than family members. Each Mobile plan is paired with a smartphone and has its own data, all on a single invoice. Discover our phone plans for students.

At Videotron, you will enjoy a turnkey service and generous offers for all your telecommunication needs: Mobile plans, smartphones, and more. Not to mention the 5G technology deployed on Videotron’s network.

To get more discounts, you can combine the family discount and the multiproduct discount. Simply subscribe to a minimum of two All-Inclusive Mobile plans and an Internet plan to get the family discount and the multiproduct discount.