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Find the cell phone plan that meets your student needs and your budget.

Mobile data plans for students

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Choose Canada-International at $55/month, or Canada-US or Canada-France All-Inclusive plans at the same price as All-Inclusive Canada, starting at $45/month. Different country, same plan!

Your price for life, a perk of Videotron

Subscribe to a Videotron Mobile plan and be guaranteed to pay the same rate for life, as long as you keep your initial subscription. Mobile plans with no rate increase, that’s our promise!

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Affordable phone plans for all your student needs

Because you need lots of data and lots of speed, Videotron offers you plans that give you more for your precious money. You get all the mobile data you need for your online activities and a reliable network that follows you everywhere, so you can stay connected at all times. If your usage increases for a while, you can always dip into your additional data bank or easily add a Data Add-on.

Combine your plans and save

When you combine two, three, or four Mobile plans under one account, you get up to $15 off per month on each plan. Get together with family, friends, or roommates to save more!

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FAQ about cell phone plans for students

At Videotron, each plan is distinct, with no sharing of data or minutes. However, to reduce costs, you can combine up to four Mobile plans under one account and save up to $15 per month on each plan with the family discount.

To share your mobile data for an evening, for example, you can create a Wi-Fi hotspot from your cellphone.

Make sure you choose a plan that suits your needs and adjust it if your data usage increases over a period of time. You can also connect to Wi-Fi whenever possible, reduce background data usage, disable the automatic video playback feature, and set a warning or blockage if you exceed the limit.

To never run out of mobile data when it matters most and avoid additional charges, see how to better manage your mobile data usage.