Intermediate bundle for 3 people

Take advantage of Videotron Internet and Mobility bundle. Select this bundle as is or modify some items when you subscribe.


When you add a new phone

Discount with two services: Internet and Mobility


Monthly savings : $30.00


  • 3 Basic 25 GB plans

Helix Internet

  • Unlimited 100 Internet

Annual savings: $360.00

You will be able to modify the items of this multiproduct bundle during your subscription to better suit your needs.

The Intermediate bundle for 3 people includes

icon mobile multiline

25 GB Basic Mobile plan

  • 25 GB in Canada
  • 10 GB bonus data per year in Canada*
  • Data at full speed at all times*
  • Unlimited calling and texting in Canada
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi Calling in 120 countries*
  • Call Display and Voicemail
icon internet residential100

Unlimited 100 Internet plan

  • 100 Mbps Internet with unlimited downloads
  • Helix Fi gateway with ultrafast and more powerful Wi-Fi 6* for all your devices
  • Helix Fi app, for easy management of your Wi-Fi and connected devices
  • Advanced Security and Parental Control, for your peace of mind
  • Quick and easy self-installation of your equipment, with 24/7 technical support
Save up to $100 per month for life - Get more discount when combining your services

Why bundle your services with Videotron?

By choosing one of our multiproduct bundles, you benefit from a host of advantages:

  • Multiproduct discount of up to $40/month when you combine an Internet plan with your Mobile plans
  • Family discount of up to $60/month when you combine Mobile plans into a single account
  • Great service flexibility with a variety of options to suit your needs
  • Access to the latest Internet, TV and Mobility technologies
  • Extensive LTE and 5G network coverage, and access to our high-performance fibre Internet network
  • No. 1 customer service in Québec among all telecommunications companies

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At your convenience, 24/7

30-day satisfaction guarantee


This limited-time offer applies to Videotron Residential customers who subscribe to an eligible Mobile and Internet plan, and who maintain said subscriptions. The offer entails a monthly discount of $10 upon subscription to a Mobile plan with a minimum monthly service rate of $50. It is possible that this offer cannot be combined with other special offers. Offers, services, and rates are subject to change without prior notice. $50 Mobile activation fees (per transaction) extra. Municipal tax of $0.52 for emergency 911 services and other applicable taxes extra. Certain conditions apply.

Annual bonus data in Canada 
This limited-time offer applies to Videotron Residential customers who subscribe, and maintain their subscription to an eligible Mobile plan. The offer entails a bonus, free of charge in Canada, of 100 GB of data with a subscription to an All-Inclusive or Canada-International Mobile plan, or a bonus of 10 GB of data on subscription to an eligible 9 GB or 25 GB Mobile plan. This offer is applicable for a period of twelve (12) months from the initial subscription date. The amount of free-of-charge bonus data cannot exceed 20 GB (All-Inclusive or Canada-International plan) or 2 GB (9 GB or 25 GB plan) per billing cycle. This bonus data offer is non-transferable and is renewable after twelve (12) months. One bonus data offer per telephone number per twelve (12) month period. It is possible that this offer cannot be combined with other special offers or additional monthly Data Add-ons. Certain conditions apply.

Data at full speed at all times 
Contrary to other service providers, Videotron never slows down customers’ data speed. Data latency may still occur as a result of external factors. Certain conditions apply.

Wi-Fi Calling 
Wi-Fi Calling service is offered to Videotron customers who own a device compatible with the aforementioned technology. To subscribe to this service, customers must activate the Wi-Fi Calling function in their device’s settings, and accept the service’s terms of use. Wi-Fi calls require a connection to a wired Wi-Fi network in order to allow for signal transmission; therefore, it is impossible to use Wi-Fi Calling when on-board means of transport (trains, buses, airplanes, boats, etc.), or to make Wi-Fi calls using a shared connection. All use of the Wi-Fi Calling service will be deducted from the minutes included in the customer’s Mobile plan. If said plan does not include unlimited minutes, customer may incur fees for exceeding minutes. Use of the Wi-Fi Calling service for video calling incurs Internet data consumption, which will be deducted from the Internet plan belonging to the Wi-Fi signal provider. Invoicing rules may vary according to the customer’s location when making Wi-Fi calls. Specific limitations apply to 911 emergency service. For more information on invoicing rules and the limits of the 911 emergency service, please consult the Wi-Fi Calling service terms and conditions section of the Videotron website.

Wi-Fi 6
Wi-Fi (802.11ax), subject to connection to the Helix Fi 2 gateway.