Wi-Fi Calling Service


Wi-Fi Calling service
The Wi-Fi Calling service is available free of charge to Videotron customers who have a mobile device equipped with the Wi-Fi Calling feature. To use the service, customers must activate the feature in their phone’s settings and accept the terms of use. This service is available in 125 countries, but unavailable in others. The Wi-Fi Calling service requires a connection to a wire network in order for a transmission signal to be possible. It is therefore not possible to use the Wi-Fi Calling service on public transport (train, bus, plane, boat, etc.) or to make Wi-Fi calls on a shared connection. If the customer’s mobile plan does not include unlimited minutes, minutes used when accessing the Wi-Fi Calling service will be deducted from their plan’s monthly allowance; as such, excess minute fees may apply. Using the Wi-Fi Calling service to make video calls, or to send photo or video messages results in Internet data usage, the sum of which will be deducted from the Internet plan belonging to the Wi-Fi signal transmitter. Invoicing rules may vary according to the customer’s location when making a Wi-Fi call. Specific limitations apply to 911 emergency services. For complete billing rules and limitations regarding emergency services, please go to the Wi-Fi Calling Service Conditions section or the Wi-Fi Calling section of Videotron’s website.