How to use Wi-Fi Calling Service?

Use the Wi-Fi network to contact your loved ones with Wi-Fi Calling.


1 Wi-Fi Calling service is offered to Videotron customers who own a device compatible with the aforementioned technology. To subscribe to this service, customers must activate the Wi-Fi Calling function in their device's settings, and accept the service's terms of use. Wi-Fi calls require a connection to a wired Wi-Fi network in order to allow for signal transmission; therefore, it is impossible to use Wi-Fi Calling when on-board means of transport (trains, buses, airplanes, boats, etc.), or to make Wi-Fi Calls using a shared connection. All use of the Wi-Fi Calling service will be deducted from the minutes included in your Mobile plan. If your plan does not include unlimited minutes, you may incur fees for exceeding minutes. Use of the Wi-Fi Calling service for video calling incurs Internet data consumption, which will be deducted from the Internet plan belonging to the Wi-Fi signal provider. Invoicing rules may vary according to the customer's location when making Wi-Fi calls. Specific limitations apply to Emergency 911 services. To inform yourself about invoicing rules and the limits of Emergency 911 services, please consult the Wi-Fi Calling service terms and conditions section of the Videotron website.

2 If you have a mobile plan limited to Quebec, long-distance charges will apply for an outbound call outside of Quebec.

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