Your price for life: a Videotron perk

At Videotron, the base rate of Mobile plans doesn’t increase during the course of the subscription. That’s our promise.

Say goodbye to unexpected rate increases on your Mobile plan!

Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities. That’s why we offer you a long-term promise to reward your loyalty.

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We understand the importance of planning your expenses. Since the rate of your Mobile plan remains the same as long as you stay subscribed to it, this aspect of your budget remains under control, with no surprises.

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We believe in providing you with transparent information. Your invoice is free of hidden charges or increases, so that your customer experience remains simple and pleasant.

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You can rest assured that rate stability will never compromise the quality of our services. You benefit from the extensive coverage of our reliable, ultravast network and full-speed data, without having to pay more. 

Save up to $100 per month for life - Get more discount when combining your services

Maximize your savings by combining lifetime discounts

In addition to benefitting from our price for life guarantee on your Mobile plans, you can save big by combining family and multiproduct discounts. Combine two accounts for a $30 monthly discount, three accounts for a $60 monthly discount, and four accounts for a $100 monthly discount.

These discounts are automatically applied to your invoice and are valid as long as you keep your Mobile and Internet subscriptions.

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Other benefits of our cell phone plans

Attractive mobile options

Adapt your Mobile plan to fit your needs thanks to our various options: travel, Data Add-ons and more.
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Combined Mobility discounts

Bundle your Mobile plans to get the family discount and add Internet to get the multiproduct discount.
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Quality network coverage

Take advantage of an ultravast and reliable network across Canada in LTE and in free 5G, for increased efficiency.
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Data at full speed

Whether you’re using your plan data or bonus data, the speed of your data never slows down.


Price for life
The “price for life” promise means that the base rate (before any discounts or credits) of Residential Mobile plans will not increase during the course of the subscription. It applies to all Residential Mobile plans marketed by Videotron with the mention “price for life.” The promise applies only to the base rate of the Mobile plan, and not to other charges, such as add-ons, Mobile activation fees, 911 emergency service fees, federal, provincial, and municipal taxes, overage fees, roaming fees, and any other out-of-plans rates and additional fees. It is valid as long as the customer maintains their subscription to the Mobile plan, and is non-transferable.