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TCL 30 5G

TCL 30 5G: capture the world’s beauty

The world around you is beautiful; capture its beauty with the TCL 30 5G’s AI 50 MP triple camera and NXTVISION™ technology. Enjoy high-resolution, detailed photos with High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging, even if you take pictures in low light conditions. The TCL 30 5G has a 6.7-inch FHD+ AMOLED screen and low blue-light technology.

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5G is available with compatible devices. 5G coverage, product features, and performance may vary and are subject to network availability and connectivity. The 5G network symbol appearing on a 5G device while in use means that 5G is available on the Videotron network in the surrounding local area of the device. Outside 5G areas, 5G devices will continue to have access to LTE speeds.