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Take advantage of Helix’s many features to foster a balanced family lifestyle.


$ 89

for 24 months

Regular rate after 24 months: $115/month

Equipment cost included for 24 months: $20/month**

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$ 89

for 24 month

Regular rate after 24 months: $115/month

Equipment cost included for 24 months: $20/month**

Vrai offered for 12 months


00 /month

For 24 months

Regular rate after 24 months: starting at $115/month

Equipment cost included for 24 months: $20/month*

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Internet 100

Download speed up to 100 mbps

Data Included Unlimited

TV Light

Helix TV

23 basic HD channels

5 channels of your choice Popular

  • LCN
  • Max
  • Cinépop
  • AddikTV
Family on a couch

A colourful fall offer

Access tons of exclusive and varied entertainment content with your customized channel lineup and the new Vrai platform, and enjoy the benefits of Wi-Fi 6 on all your connected devices.

Take advantage of the Helix TV Light and Unlimited 100 Internet plan for only $89/month.*

This plan includes:


  • 28 TV channels: 23 Basic channels (including CBC, CTV, Global, City) plus 5 channels of your choice from Popular
  • Vrai channel offered for 12 months
  • Access to free On Demand content
  • Radio and music channels of all styles
  • The Helix TV app for accessibility on all your screens, anywhere and anytime


  • 100 Mbps Internet with unlimited downloads
  • The best Wi-Fi technology2 in Québec, more powerful for all your devices
  • A strong signal that spreads throughout your home and beyond
  • The Helix Fi app for easy management of your Wi-Fi and connected devices
  • Advanced Security and Parental Control for your peace of mind

All your entertainment in one place

Finding a movie, show or video has never been quicker and easier. With Helix, you can access all your content from various platforms, including Video On Demand, Club illico, Live TV, Netflix1 and YouTube.

Sports fans will be delighted with the Sports Zone. Ask for a ton of real-time sports data and watch it appear right on your screen.

Woman with ipad

Take your family and your content on the road and watch it on all your screens

With the Helix TV app, have family movie night no matter where you are. Access your live channels, recordings, and on-demand content or download your favourite movies so you can watch them without using up your data. Share to any screen no matter where are using your mobile device through Chromecast or any other compatible streaming devices that will be supported soon.

Sport soccer
Sport stats

Live stats, upcoming game schedule and exclusive content

Bring up a ton of real-time data on-screen, with the Sports app, even during a match. Get stats, a schedule for upcoming games and exclusive content.

What should you remember from major sporting events like the Olympics, the FIFA World Cup and the NHL playoffs? Helix specializes to help you follow sports news.

Already a Videotron customer?

Do you already have certain services like the Internet or illico with us?

Canapé famille right corner

Ultra-smart and dependable Wi-Fi powered by fiber

Thanks to Helix’s ultrafast, high-performance and secure Wi-Fi 6, you can easily control your household’s Internet access.

Helix is constantly being optimized to ensure that you always have the best possible connectivity and Wi-Fi.

Famille controle EN

Peace of mind with Parental Control

With the Helix Fi app, you can easily manage your household’s connected lifestyle. Protect your children’s Internet access and the content they can access. You can also set how many hours their devices can be connected to the Internet.


Unsafe websites

Enable Parental Control to limit your children’s access to inappropriate sites. You can adjust the settings for specific user profiles.

Internet mode sommeil

Time management

Is it dinnertime or bedtime? You can temporarily block Internet access for specific user profiles or devices for a particular period of time.


Online monitoring

Monitor time spent online for each profile and device. If you want, you can allocate a specific number of hours to your child for the week or the weekend. When their time is up, you get a notification.


Helix technology is available or exclusively available in some regions.

The Helix Internet network is made up of an alloy of the best technologies: optical fibre, coaxial and cutting-edge Wi-Fi.

1 A Netflix membership is required to use the Netflix app.

2 Latest generation wireless standard (802.11ax), subject to connection to the Helix Fi gateway 2.

*This limited-time offer applies to new Helix customers who subscribe to a Helix Internet and Television plan and entails a promotional discount of $46/month for 24 months. Maintaining this discount is conditional upon customer subscribing to a Television and Internet plan with a minimum monthly service rate of $115. Displayed rates include the purchase of a Helix Fi gateway and a Helix TV terminal. The Helix Fi gateway may be purchased through a single instalment of $288 or an instalment plan of $12/month for 24 months. The Helix Fi terminal may be purchased through a single instalment of $192 or an instalment plan of $8/month for 24 months. Taxes not included. An extended product warranty for an additional 24-month period is also available for $36 per equipment. Customers who unsubscribe before the end of the 24-month payment period will have to pay the remaining balance of the equipment’s cost. Additional à la carte channels, devices, and other options are not included in the calculation of the monthly service rate required to be eligible for the discount. Installation of a Helix Fi Gateway required. It is possible for a customer to change their TV plan channel line-up at any time. However, each selected channel must be kept for a minimum of thirty (30) days before customer can make another change pertaining to the channel in question. Additional channel blocks are available. Selected channels must be included in the channels available with the plan to which customer is subscribed. Fees apply for movie rentals and for viewing pay-per-view content. The rental period for adult movies may vary according to the type of content selected. Programming and rates subject to change without prior notice. Any changes made to a service, or combination of services, may result in a rate adjustment. Services, conditions and rates may vary by region and are subject to change without prior notice.

This limited-time offer applies exclusively to Videotron Residential Helix TV or Helix TV app customers who are not already subscribed to the Vrai platform. A subscription to Vrai costs $7/month. The offer entails a promotional discount of $7/month, applicable for twelve (12) months on a subscription to Helix TV or Helix TV App, the fees for which vary according to the plan chosen. Maintaining the discount is conditional upon the customer staying subscribed to Vrai and the applicable Helix plan during the entire promotional period. Access to Vrai via Helix TV, online at, and on mobile or tablet via the Vrai app requires a monthly subscription. Content availability is subject to change at any time. An Internet connection is required to view content online and will generate data use, the cost of which shall be borne by the customer. A subscription to the platform provides the right to access a part of Helix TV content, which requires a subscription to Helix. Helix is offered in certain regions, wherever technology permits. Equipment fees and taxes extra. Certain conditions apply.


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