Conduct and safety tips to make the best use of your mobile phone

Your mobile phone is a communications tool you can use anywhere, anytime. To use it in the best way and get the most out of it, here are our tips.

How do I use your mobile phone safely?

Certain actions performed on your mobile phone can compromise your own security as well as that of others. To help reduce this risk, pay attention to certain things.

Take care of the security of your data and your device

  • Download apps from reliable sources.
  • Ensure the performance of your device by not jailbreaking its operating system.
  • Protect your device from a potential virus by installing an anti-virus.

Look after the safety of others on the road

  • If you are behind the wheel, use the hands-free phone to converse while keeping your attention on the road.
  • If you have to answer a call or text message, do not hesitate to use all the features of your device such as speakerphone or voice command.
  • If your situation does not allow you to answer the phone, let your voicemail take the messages for you.

Bon à savoir

If you are busy driving, don't put yourself in danger. Stop in a safe place to dial a number or send a text message, or ask your passenger to do so if you are accompanied.

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