Status of our services

Check if an incident has caused an outage on our network and get troubleshooting tips to restore your services.


No major outage

No major incidents are currently disrupting the network. If you are having trouble with your services, try to follow our troubleshooting procedures below.  

Note that minor outages or planned service disruptions may affect a small proportion of our customers. 


Troubleshooting tips

Check out our solutions to get your services working again, if you are not affected by a network disruption.


We’re here to help!

Still having problems after following our troubleshooting steps? Contact our Technical Support to find out the status of services in your area, or visit our help forum for solutions from other users.

Frequently asked questions about outages

If a major outage interrupts service for a large number of customers, we will post a notice on this page.

However, minor and isolated outages may occur in some areas even if no outages are shown on this page. To find out what’s happening in your area, contact Technical Support via chat or phone, or visit the forum.

Many things beyond our control can cause our network to fail, such as power outages and equipment breakdowns due to extreme temperatures, severe weather, or accidents.

Most outages are resolved the same day, within hours, depending on the severity of the incident. However, when there are significant network failures throughout the province, it can take over 24 hours.

An outage occurs when an incident damages wired equipment and the signal no longer reaches our customers’ homes properly. For example, cable services like Internet, TV, and Home Phone are most likely to be disrupted.

Check this page regularly for the status of our services.

Depending on your area, your services may not be affected by the outage. You can see our troubleshooting solutions for Internet, Helix terminal, illico terminal, or Home Phone to try to get them working again.

You can also visit the forum for solutions from other users or contact our Technical Support for assistance.

We are committed to our customers’ satisfaction and work hard to get services back on track as quickly as possible in the event of a service outage.  

In rare cases, a major incident could have a bigger impact on the network. In such cases, it may take longer than normal to restore service. If you wish, contact Technical Support via chat or phone. An advisor will review your file and advise you of possible options if you have been affected by an extended outage. 

To notify us of an outage in your area, contact Technical Support via chat or phone.