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Frequently asked questions about moving

Call or chat with Customer Service up to 90 days prior to your desired installation date to notify us of the change of address and schedule an appointment with a technician if required.

Prepare for your call or chat by gathering all the required information.

If you are taking advantage of your move to become a new Videotron customer, you can subscribe to Helix services online. Create your custom plan.

If you are already a Videotron customer and you are taking advantage of your move to switch from your old services to Helix services, you must call us to schedule the disconnection and move of your old account, as well as the activation of Helix services at your new address. See how to prepare for this call.

To disconnect Helix equipment

Unscrew the coaxial cable from your Helix Fi gateway. Disconnect the power (and Ethernet) cables from the gateway and Helix TV terminal, in addition to the HDMI cable. Remove the Wi-Fi pods from the electrical outlets.

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To disconnect Videotron equipment

Disconnect the power cables of all your equipment, except for the Wi-Fi amplifier, which you need to unplug from the electrical outlet. Unscrew the coaxial cables from your illico modem and terminal/decoder (DTA). Remove other Ethernet, HDMI, telephone, component and audio cables from your equipment.

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Carry all your equipment with its wires in the original box or securely, such as modem, gateway, router, terminal, decoder, remote control, pods, amplifiers, etc.

To reconnect Helix equipment

If your new home is already connected to the Videotron network, the interior cabling is functional and you are not a subscriber to the Home Phone service, you can choose self-installation and reconnect your Helix equipment yourself by following our detailed instructions.

Note that if your new home has never been connected to the Videotron network or if the connection is too old and needs checking, a connection appointment will be required before you self-install your Helix equipment. You will be able to schedule this appointment when you contact our Customer Service for your change of address.

To reconnect Videotron equipment

To find out how to reconnect your Residential Internet and illico TV services in your new home, check out our instructions.

If you have a Mobile plan and you’re planning on moving, you should let us know as soon as possible and perhaps even change your mobile phone number.
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You must disconnect your Home Phone equipment properly and take it to your new home so that a technician can reinstall the service if you’re planning on keeping it.
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Many homes only need the Helix Fi gateway to enjoy optimal Wi-Fi coverage. However, if some rooms in your new home have a signal that is too weak, Wi-Fi pods provide the perfect solution by extending your coverage to serve these areas.

How to get Wi-Fi pods

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