Cloud communications

Get a phone solution allowing you to be both mobile and productive, at the office, on the road or while telecommuting.

Cloud communications work for you.

Increase productivity and enjoy advanced features with Cloud Communications. Do business without limits and collaborate with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

A business number that follows you anywhere.

Your company's phone numbers are no longer assigned to devices, but to people. Each employee is reachable through a single number for all devices, wherever they are, no matter the type of phone used, whether landline or mobile.

An auto attendant service.

Take advantage of an automated telephone reception that handles your calls like a receptionist. After your personalized welcome message is played, all incoming calls are automatically redirected to the right person, even on their mobile.

Advanced collaboration features and tools.

With collaboration tools such as audio/video conferencing, chat and screen-sharing that facilitate communication between employees, it’ll be like everyone is in the office.


For more information, or to obtain a solution adapted to your business needs, we invite you to speak to one of our Business advisors.