IPTV, the new Helix technology for a flexible and versatile TV experience


IPTV, the new Helix technology for a flexible and versatile TV experience

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Helix TV: Powered by the Internet

Thanks to IPTV technology, Helix TV brings together your live TV channels, on-demand content, Netflix1, YouTube and Club illico into one interface. You can now access all of your content on your TV, mobile, tablet or computer, no matter where you are.

Lots of ways to watch TV

The Helix TV app, for more flexibility and freedom

With the Helix TV app, watch live TV, a wide selection of on-demand content,2 as well as your recordings and downloads3 on all your screens, whether you’re at home or not.

Tech presenter and reviewer Mathieu Roy explains the Helix TV app’s technical and practical details.

Using your tablet or smartphone, you can also stream all your content on your TV screen without the need for a Helix TV terminal, thanks to Chromecast technology. Other compatible streaming devices will soon be added.

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Loads of channels for everyone

Our wide selection of channels and on-demand content is sure to bring you quality TV and never-ending fun.

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Voice command makes things easier

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Sleek, compact devices

At the cutting edge of television technology, the Helix TV terminal offers 4K image quality and is constantly evolving with numerous updates giving you access to new features.

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*Helix technology is available, or exclusively available, in some regions.
1 A Netflix subscription is required to use the Netflix app.
2 Streaming live or on-demand content and recordings is limited to Canada only. However, content previously downloaded in Canada can be watched outside Canada.
3 Downloading content requires a Wi-Fi network connection and uses up data. Available for selected content. Up to 10 downloads per device. Up to 5 devices per account may download content. Downloaded content is only accessible for 30 days.


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