Daily Traveller Pass

Easy to use and cost efficient, the Daily Traveller Pass allows you to enjoy your Mobile plan without roaming charges in the United States and internationally when you travel.

Limitations and details

Note that if you are on a cruise ship or in an area not covered by a partner operator (offshore zone), you cannot use the Daily Traveller Pass, and your services will be billed on a per-use basis. Check out our current roaming rates list.

For more information on how the Daily Traveller Pass works and to find out which destinations are eligible in the US and internationally, check out ourdetailed page.

The perks of the Daily Traveller Pass


Use all of your data plan’s allowance


Only pay for the days you use your phone while roaming


Only pay for a maximum of 10 days in the US and 20 days abroad per billing cycle


Receive a notification when your data roaming charges reach $100

Travel plans for you

Before going on a trip, verify your Mobile plan’s inclusions: with a travel plan, you can use your phone while roaming in the selected destinations without having to activate the Daily Traveller Pass.



The Daily Traveller Pass is at the best price on the Québec market.

The Daily Traveller Pass allows you to use your monthly plan (minutes, SMS and quantity of data included) in over 100 countries around the world for a fixed price per 24-hour period and is compatible with all our data plans and the Canada Talk and Text plan. The Daily Traveller Pass is incompatible with the bonus data offered with the All-Inclusive plans. Calls made in the country visited and to Canada are included. Calls to other destinations are not included, they will be charged at the rates listed.

The Daily Traveller Pass option remains active as long as you do not unsubscribe. It is therefore unnecessary for you to resubscribe for your next trip. The period of use is 24 hours from the time of first use. The Daily Traveller Pass charges are triggered only when you make or answer a call, send a text message (including photo and video messages) or use your data.