Devices compatible with the VoLTE feature

View the list of mobile devices that are compatible with the VoLTE feature in Canada and the US.

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VoLTE-compatible devices in Canada and the US

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Go Flip 3


iPhone 6S

iPhone 6S Plus

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone 11

iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone 12

iPhone 12 Mini

iPhone 12 Pro

iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 13

iPhone 13 Mini

iPhone 13 Pro

iPhone 13 Pro Max

iPhone 14

iPhone 14 Plus

iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 14 Pro Max

iPhone 15

iPhone 15 Plus

iPhone 15 Pro

iPhone 15 Pro Max

iPhone SE

iPhone SE (2e génération)

iPhone SE (3e génération)

iPhone X

iPhone XR

iPhone XS

iPhone XS Max


Pixel 3

Pixel 3 XL

Pixel 3a

Pixel 3a XL

Pixel 4

Pixel 4 XL

Pixel 4a

Pixel 4a (5G)

Pixel 5

Pixel 6

Pixel 6 Pro

Pixel 6a

Pixel 7

Pixel 7a

Pixel 7 Pro

Pixel 8

Pixel 8a

Pixel 8 pro


Mate 20 Pro


P30 Pro


P40 Pro


Velvet 5G




Edge (2023)

Moto E (2020)

Moto E6

Moto G 5G

Moto G 5G (2023)

Moto G7

Moto G7 Play

Moto G Play (2023)

Moto G Play (2024)

Moto G Power (2021)

Moto G Pure

Moto G Stylus

Moto G Stylus 5G (2022)

Moto G Stylus 5G (2023)

Moto One 5G Ace

Moto One Hyper

Moto Razr+ (2023)

Moto Z4


Nokia 3.4


Galaxy A03S

Galaxy A12

Galaxy A13 5G

Galaxy A14 5G

Galaxy A15 5G

Galaxy A21

Galaxy A32 5G

Galaxy A35 5G

Galaxy A51

Galaxy A52 5G

Galaxy A53 5G

Galaxy A54 5G

Galaxy A71

Galaxy Note10+

Galaxy Note20 5G

Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G

Galaxy S10

Galaxy S10+

Galaxy S10E

Galaxy S20 5G

Galaxy S20+ 5G

Galaxy S20 FE 5G

Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

Galaxy S21 5G

Galaxy S21+ 5G

Galaxy S21 FE 5G

Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Galaxy S22 5G

Galaxy S22+ 5G

Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G

Galaxy S23

Galaxy S23 FE

Galaxy S23+

Galaxy S23 Ultra

Galaxy S24

Galaxy S24+

Galaxy S24 Ultra

Galaxy XCover6 Pro

Galaxy Z Flip

Galaxy Z Flip 5G

Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

Galaxy Z Flip4

Galaxy Z Flip5

Galaxy Z Fold2 5G

Galaxy Z Fold3 5G

Galaxy Z Fold4

Galaxy Z Fold5



TCL Flip

20 Pro 5G


30 5G

30 XE 5G

40 XE 5G

50 XE 5G

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