How to choose your services based on your budget

Because your financial resolutions matter. We get it.

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Tools to help you make the right choices

At Videotron, we offer you simple tools to help you shop for your services based on your needs and budget.

Establish what you want to pay for your Internet service and TV channels, as well as your mobile phone and plan, and use our online tools to help guide your decision.

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Creator of custom Internet and TV plans

Create the perfect Internet and TV plan for you with our Helix simulator. You can choose from among the various Internet connection speeds and combine them with our many TV and TV App plans until you find the right bundle for you.


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A plan + mobile device bundle generator to suit your needs

Based on your monthly budget and amount of GB you need, which can be modified if necessary, get several mobile plan and device bundle simulations to help you select the Mobility service that’s right for you.


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500 Internet: $5/month lifetime discount

For a limited time, the 500 Internet plan is $65/month. Satisfy everyone: your Wi-Fi can easily be shared thanks to the QR code in the Helix Fi app.


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TV App 10 choices at only $25/month

Whatever your Internet plan, add the TV App 10 Sports and Popular choices plan for an extra $25 to enjoy your favourite content, plus Club illico.


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$10/month lifetime discount

Add an Internet plan to your Mobile plans and save $10 per Mobile plan every month … forever!


Your price for life, a perk of Videotron

When you subscribe to a Videotron Mobile plan, you’re guaranteed to pay the same rate for life, as long as you keep your initial subscription. Mobile plans with no rate increase, that’s our promise! More details.

Our automatic lifetime discounts, which you can bundle

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Mobility and Internet multiproduct discount

As soon as you add an Internet plan to your Mobility services, you get $10 off per month for each Mobile plan on your account.

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Mobility family discount

It’s simple: the more Mobile plans you bundle into one account, the more you save. Enjoy with family or friends!

Services tailored to your needs

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TV or TV App: which one’s right for you?

If you’re interested in a TV plan, Videotron offers a wide range of entertainment thanks to several TV and TV App plans at different prices to meet your needs and usage.

Explore TV plans

Explore TV App plans

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All-Inclusive or Basic Mobile plan?

Choosing a mobile plan involves looking at the number of GB, of course, but there are also other features to consider to meet specific needs, such as an additional bank of 10 GB or 100 GB per year, Club illico mobile access, and more.

Explore our All-Inclusive Mobile plans

Explore our Basic Mobile plans

Explore our Mobile plans for students

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Which Internet speed should you choose?

Learn more about Internet speed and what you should keep in mind when choosing the Internet plan that’s right for you. Not too slow nor too fast, just what you need!

Tips for choosing your speed

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What’s your Internet profile?

Helix adapts to your Internet user profile. Whether you’re a student, teleworker, gamer, or a combination of the three, you can count on a powerful connection.

Student profile

Teleworker profile

Gamer profile

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Need to expand your coverage?

If your Wi-Fi signal is weak or choppy in some parts of your home, adding a Wi-Fi pod will fix the issue by extending coverage to less optimal areas.

More details about Wi-Fi pods

Ongoing support to better manage your services

Year-round offers!

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Frequently asked questions about optimizing shopping experience

Take advantage of our current offers to get your services at a great price.

Take the time to assess your needs, and then create the right plan bundle to meet them.

Shop Mobility based on your budget

Create your custom Internet and TV plan

Yes. The multiproduct discount is automatically applied to your invoice when you add an Internet plan to your selected Mobile plans. This saves you $10 per month for every Mobile plan registered to your account, up to $40 in monthly savings.

Adding a TV App plan to your Internet package is also a great way to get a comprehensive TV experience at a lower cost.

Videotron offers several options for taking a hassle-free trip with the ability to use your mobile phone with no additional costs, such as the Daily Traveller Pass, free Wi-Fi Calling, and Canada-US plans and Data Add-ons. Learn more!

How to change your channel selection or add channels on illico TV, Helix TV, and the Helix TV app.