How to manage your mobile data usage?

See how to manage your mobile data usage and avoid additional charges. 

Frequently Asked Questions about managing mobile data


  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Drag the button next to Cellular Data or Mobile Data.


  1. Drag the notification bar from the top of your screen to the bottom to display the quick settings. If necessary, drag it again to reveal the icons for all the features.
  2. Look for the Mobile data, Cellular data, or Mobile connection option and tap it.
  3. The icon lights up to indicate that mobile data is enabled.

The best way to share your mobile data is to create a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot so that your phone becomes a router.

Learn how to create a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.

The data usage fee limits are activated by default on all Mobile Lines.

You can remove or reactivate these limits yourself in your Customer Centre by following these steps:

  1. In the Mobile section, click on Mobile data usage fee limits.
  2. Uncheck the boxes to remove the limits or check the boxes to reactivate them, and click on Save.

Your choices regarding data usage limits will remain in place from one month to the next unless you change them. If you want to disable your data limit for the current month only, contact Technical Support.

Warning: Once you’ve removed a limit, your usage will be unlimited, and you will be billed for overage on a per-use basis.

Many of Videotron’s Mobile plans include a bonus data bank of 10 GB or 100 GB per year, usable in Canada. This data is used automatically once you’ve reached your monthly basic data limit. Learn more about how bonus data works.

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