Save up to $100 per month for life with the multiproduct discount

Combine your selected Mobile plans to an Internet plan and get the most generous discount on the market: up to $100 per month for life.

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The most generous multiproduct discount on the market

Add an Internet plan to your Mobile plans and save $10 per Mobile plan each month, up to $40 in monthly savings. The discount is automatically applied to your invoice.

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A multiline discount on each Mobile plan

Combine four Mobile plans* and get $15 off per month on each plan, up to $60 in monthly discounts.

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Multiproduct + multiline = lifetime discount

Keep this combined discount forever: no deadlines, no surprises, no renegotiating. As long as your Mobility plans are combined with your Internet plan, you can get a $100 monthly discount for life.

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Maximize your savings

Save by combining your family members’ different Mobile plans* thanks to the family discount, and maximize your savings by adding an Internet plan.

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Discover Helix Internet

Discover the benefits of Helix Internet, an advanced technology that offers you an unlimited, ultrafast, secure connection to all your connected devices and objects. Get more discounts by adding an Internet plan to your Mobile plans.


*Multiline discounts are conditional upon customer subscribing to at least two (2) All-Inclusive or Canada-US Without Borders Mobile plans for the first two Mobile Lines, and Basic plans for the additional Mobile Lines. A monthly discount of $5 per Line applies for two (2) Mobile Lines on the account; a monthly discount of $10 per Line applies for three (3) Mobile Lines on the account; and a monthly discount of $15 per Line applies for four (4) Mobile Lines or more on the account. It is possible that this offer cannot be combined with other special offers. Some Mobile plans may not qualify for this offer.