Home automation with Helix

To control your smart home easily, no matter where you are.

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Centralized management system for all your devices and equipment

Manage your Wi-Fi network, connected devices and smart home equipment with a single app. Link your smart light bulbs, switches, plugs, locks, and thermostats with the Helix Fi app and you’re done! Other compatible equipment will be added shortly.


The Helix Fi app is compatible* with several major brands such as:




Honeywell Home



Phillips Hue




Transform your home for an easier daily life

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A smart home to optimize your comfort

Everything is so simple when you have control over your comfort at your fingertips. You no longer need to pause family movie night to turn off a forgotten light or dim the lights in the living room to create a cinema atmosphere.

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Helix for your home automation equipment

Do you already own smart light bulbs, switches, plugs, locks, and thermostats from compatible brands? Simply link them to the Helix Fi app and control them all from the same interface on your phone, whether you’re at home or somewhere else.

Discover compatible equipment

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High-end equipment within your reach

Videotron offers a selection of Helix Fi app-compatible home automation equipment, including smart light bulbs from reputable brands. Stay tuned for new equipment to be added to our catalogue.

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Internet plans for all habits and budgets

30 Mbit/s EN

All the power of Helix to:

  • Use the Internet for recreational activities
  • Send and receive files via email
  • Stream music and videos
internet 60

All the power of Helix 30 Internet and even more to:

  • Download large files
  • Stream music and HD videos on multiple devices
  • Work online and participate in video conferences
internet 100

All the power of Helix 60 Internet and even more to:

  • Download and share large files quickly
  • Watch 4K movies and series online on multiple screens
  • Have multiple people working collaboratively online and participating in video conferences
internet 400

All the power of Helix 100 Internet and even more to:

  • Connect several devices simultaneously for all work and entertainment activities
  • Stream audio and video content and download simultaneously
  • Perform multiple bandwidth-intensive activities such as online multiplayer video games

Frequently asked questions about Helix home automation

If you subscribed to Helix Internet, you can get the compatible smart equipment you want and combine all your devices on your network by linking them to the Helix Fi app for centralized and streamlined management of your smart home.

For now, compatible smart equipment includes Philips Hue smart light bulbs, TP-Link smart plugs and switches, Ecobee and Honeywell TCC smart thermostats (low voltage only).

See full list

Home automation is a set of techniques allowing users to automate a house in order to control, with a simple tap, all the electronic devices and installations within. It meets the needs for comfort, security, and communication. Thanks to home automation, you can remotely control your technological devices (televisions, speakers, cameras, household appliances, etc.), manage your installations (lighting, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, etc.), and ensure better energy management.

By choosing a home automation solution, you can simplify your life. Thanks to home automation, you avoid all the tasks that could make you lose time, you gain in comfort and security, you keep a constant control on your house and its equipment, even remotely, and you can save money by lowering your energy consumption.

The world of home automation is vast and can be used in all the spaces of your home, where your devices and connected equipment are located, from the bedrooms to the living room, bathroom, kitchen, and even the garage.

For now, the home automation products and equipment that can be connected to the Helix Fi app are smart light bulbs, switches, plugs, locks, and thermostats.

See the full list of devices compatible with the Helix Fi app.

No. For now, only smart light bulbs, switches, plugs, locks, and thermostats can be linked to the Helix Fi app. More smart devices will be added to the list of compatible devices regularly in the future, including surveillance cameras.

See the full list of devices compatible with the Helix Fi app.

No. However, Videotron offers a few home automation devices compatible with the Helix Fi application in its online store.

Yes. You can use home automation with your smartphone. To explore the world of home automation, you need to use an electronic device with an Internet connection and personal assistant functions. A smartphone does this, and the Helix Fi app allows a centralized and simplified management of your smart home.

All touchscreen tablets are suitable for home automation. The choice of a touchscreen tablet for home automation depends more on your budget and your use.

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* All the objects of each of these brands are not necessarily compatible. Visit https://videotron.com/en/support/applications/mobile/helix-fi/home-automation to verify the list of smart equipment compatibility with the Helix Fi app.