Changing my plan

Learn how to easily change your Helix Internet, Helix TV, or illico TV plan online.

Frequently asked questions about plan changes

Your new plan will be ready for you to enjoy within minutes of the change. If your monthly payment changes, fees or credits will be calculated from the date of the change. The adjustment will appear on your next invoice. Learn more about the billing cycle.

To terminate one of your services, call Customer Service.

Want to unsubscribe from illico TV or Hybrid Fibre Internet and switch to Helix? To transfer your services, simply subscribe to Helix online.

No. However, you can add Internet Data Add-ons or Mobile Data Add-ons or even switch to a Helix Internet or TV plan online. For any other changes, please contact us by phone or chat.

No. To make this change, please call our Customer Service.

Certain changes may result in the loss of a promotion or discount. Before confirming an online modification, carefully compare your current and your new monthly payment. This will allow you to make sure the change is advantageous.

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