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Frequently asked questions about Helix and other Videotron services.

In order to continue to meet all your needs and offer you innovative products and an increasingly reliable, powerful network, we may need to adjust the rates of some services. See more details.

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If you have a Helix TV terminal and/or a Helix Fi gateway, you’re subscribed to Helix services. If you have a modem, a router, and/or a terminal or digital recorder, you’re subscribed to other Videotron services.

Yes. If you subscribe to Helix and other Videotron services, you will receive two invoices. One is for your Helix Internet and Helix TV services, and the other is for your other Videotron services, such as Mobility or Home Phone, for example.

See how to manage your two Videotron invoices hassle-free.

Your account number is located in the upper right corner of your invoice, whether it is for Helix or other Videotron services.

Note that if you subscribe to Helix and other Videotron services, you have two different account numbers.

No. Since there are two invoices, you must make two separate payments. Helix services can be paid in My Account, and your other Videotron services can be paid in the Customer Centre.

Your invoice is sent monthly and provides a breakdown of the fees that are being applied for each of your services. Your contract is issued when you subscribe to Videotron services. It sets out each of the services you subscribe to, the rates, as well as the clauses that apply to the overall agreement.

To view your appointments, connect to the platform corresponding to your services:

  • My Account: for Helix Internet, Helix TV, and Helix TV app services
  • Customer Centre: for Mobile, illico TV, Hybrid Fibre Internet, and Home Phone services

Want to make an appointment? You can do so when you subscribe to Helix services online. Otherwise, contact us.