Rate adjustment

Here are the answers to your questions about our rate adjustment.

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Why did you receive a rate adjustment notice?

In order to keep meeting all your needs and offer you innovative products like as Helix and an increasingly powerful network, we needed to adjust the rates of some services since December 9th, 2020.
Our rates remain very competitive for both your TV and Home Phone services, which we hadn’t increased in several years. These adjustments will enable us to keep offering you cutting-edge products and adapt our services to your ever-increasing connectivity and entertainment needs.


What innovations can you enjoy?

Our new Helix technology takes your TV and Internet services to a whole new level. You can access:

  • High-speed, high-performance and consistently upgraded Wi-Fi
  • The Helix Fi App to manage your connected objects, even remotely
  • All your TV entertainment in one place
  • Voice command to control your connected lifestyle
  • The Helix TV App so your content follows you everywhere
  • Your favourite apps right on your TV (Netflix, YouTube, Club illico)
  • More live TV channels and on-demand content on all your devices
  • The Helix TV App service, to enjoy TV without a terminal
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What kind of support do you have?

As a Videotron client, you have 24/7 access to remote technical support, usage notifications, security services and advice from expert technicians. That’s what makes our customer service really stand out.