Rate increase affecting your services

Here are the answers to your questions about our rate adjustment.

Receiving a rate adjustment notice

To keep meeting all your needs and offering you an increasingly reliable, powerful network, Videotron will need to adjust the rates of certain services in early 2023.

These adjustments enable us to keep offering you cutting-edge products and adapting our services to your ever-increasing connectivity and entertainment needs.

Videotron is committed to:

  • Continuing to offer you innovative products
  • Investing heavily in its Internet and mobile network
  • Having a more efficient network to meet all your entertainment needs
  • Providing services that meet the highest standards of telecommunications
  • Ensuring as many people as possible have access to our services
  • Developing new services

Being a Videotron customer means…

Being able to take advantage of a self-service transactional site

Access My Helix Account

Access the Customer Centre

Avoiding unpleasant surprises thanks to mobile and Internet consumption monitoring

Obtaining security services adapted to the evolution of various threats that could affect the integrity of your network

Benefitting from support in the choice of services adapted to your needs. Assess your needs.

Being a Videotron customer means being able to count on the support of our Customer Service and Technical Support representatives. To get help with your services or invoicing, contact Customer Service.

Technological advances offered by Videotron

We are constantly developing innovations in order to give you all the benefits of the latest technologies, for example:

  • Helix equipment at the cutting edge of technology
  • The best Wi-Fi technology in Québec*, with the intelligent, ultrafast and high-performance Wi-Fi 6
  • The Helix Fi app with Advanced Security to manage your network and connected devices, even remotely
  • Home automation with centralized management to simplify your daily life
  • 100% cloud-based TV entertainment in one place
  • Voice command to control your connected life
  • Your favourite apps right on your TV (Netflix, YouTube, Club illico, Vrai, etc.)
  • The Helix TV app so your content follows you everywhere

Frequent questions about rate adjustments

You can modify your services at any time or unsubscribe without any penalty for the service whose rate has been modified.

Benefit from support in the choice of your services and assess your needs.

The service agreement does not stipulate a price guarantee. It is subject to change, in which case we will send a new agreement with the new conditions stipulated therein.

The period indicated in the agreement is linked to the discounts obtained at the time of subscription, and not to the regular service rate. Although the discounts obtained are offered to you for a certain period, it is possible that a rate adjustment for this service will change your monthly payment.

You may not be affected by the next rate adjustment since not all Videotron services are concerned.

All customers affected by the rate adjustment will receive an email or mail communication specifying the cost of this increase.

When you receive an invoice for your services, the amount to be paid is always for the following month. That is, an invoice to be paid will cover the payment of your services from today until the next month (see example below).

For example: An invoice to be paid on January 1 will cover the payment for the period from January 1 to 31.

For all technical problems, our technicians can help you, even remotely. Contact our Technical Support.


1 According to the CRTC Sales Practices Review - 2022 Secret Shopper Project Detailed Findings Report, dated March 23, 2022.