Rate increase affecting some services

Get answers to your questions about the rate adjustment for certain Videotron services in early 2024.

Why are some rates increasing? Videotron has always placed great importance on the quality of the products and services it offers its customers. As the rate of inflation has remained high over the past year, the costs associated with our products, network development, and infrastructure maintenance have increased. To continue to offer you top-quality services, we have to increase certain rates on February 1, 2024. Having said that, we want to limit the mark-ups and have made efforts to contain the increase while preserving the customer experience. As a result, the rate increase will be limited to certain services.

Frequent questions about rate adjustments

How do I know if my rates will increase and by how much?

All customers affected by a rate adjustment will be notified, by email or mail, of the amount of the increase.

If you have not received a notification by the end of December, it is likely that none of your services will be affected by the rate adjustment on February 1, 2024.

Does my service agreement guarantee rates for a certain period?

The service agreement specifies the amount and duration of your discounts, which are guaranteed for the specified period. However, the current rate for services is not guaranteed and may be increased, with the exception of Mobility rates, which are guaranteed for life as long as you retain your initial subscription. Learn more about your contract.

Why is the increase included on my invoice before the scheduled adjustment date?

As services are always invoiced in advance, the February 1, 2024 rate increase will appear on the invoice prior to that date. Learn more about the billing cycle.

Can I review my services in response to the increase?

We value your customer experience and satisfaction with your services. Our Customer Service advisors can review your case and provide you with solutions. Before you call, check out our tips for assessing your needs.

Where can I find my invoice and contract?

Check out our support articles that explain how to view your invoice and contract.

The rate for my Mobility services is supposed to be guaranteed for life. Is it protected from a potential increase?

Yes. When you subscribe to a Mobile plan, your rate is guaranteed, including all applicable promotions and discounts, as long as you keep your initial subscriptions.

What can I do if I experience technical issues?

Our goal is to ensure that you’re always fully satisfied with your services. If you experience an issue, our technicians can help you, even remotely. Contact our Technical Support.

In addition, you can quickly resolve most issues by referring to our online support articles and the Forum, where other customers share their solutions with you.

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