Viewing my contract

Learn how to view your telecommunications service contract.

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Viewing my contract received by email

Your contract is emailed to you when you initially subscribe to any of our services and when you change a subscription. To find it:

  1. Open the “Your contract is ready” or “Your service contract” email in your inbox.
  2. Open the attachment.
  3. Enter the password consisting of your building number and postal code, in lowercase and without spaces. Example: If your address is 123 rue des Saules, Laval, H7B 4G8, the password would be 123h7b4g8.

Important: We recommend that you download the contract sent by email and keep it for your records, should you wish to refer to it in the future.


Viewing my contract online

You can view online the most recent version of your contract for services that appear in My Account.

  1. Under Profile & Settings, scroll down to the Legal consent & Contract section.
  2. Click on View my contract.

Need help to log in to My Account? Refer to our Connection Support page.

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Specific questions about accessing contracts

How do I view an old contract?

You can view your old contracts if you kept the emails they were attached to. You can also check to see if they are in your downloads folder.

What if I don’t see my contract in My Account?

The contract in My Account is only applicable to the services on that platform (Helix Internet, Helix TV and, for some customers, Mobility).

The contract pertaining to services in the Customer Centre (Mobility, Hybrid Fibre Internet, illico TV, and Home Phone) is not available in My Account. It is sent to you via email only. To view that contract, find the email in question or check your downloads folder.

Can I view my contract in the Customer Centre?

No. However, the contract for services in the Customer Centre was emailed to you.

Still can’t access your contract?

We can help you. Contact Customer Service.

Frequently asked questions about contracts

There is no penalty for unsubscribing. However, if you purchased equipment on a monthly instalment plan, you may be required to pay the remaining balance.

Mobile device purchase with the Simplified Payment option: View your balance in the Simplified Payment option section of your invoice in the Customer Centre.

Purchase of Helix equipment on an instalment plan: View your balance in the Instalment Plan section of your invoice in My Account.

Are you considering to cancel one or more services? Before you do, get our advice to adapt your services to your needs.

The service agreement specifies the amount and duration of your discounts, which are guaranteed for the specified period. However, the current rate for services is not guaranteed and may be increased, with the exception of Mobility rates, which are guaranteed for life as long as you retain your initial subscription. Learn more about rate increases.

The contract may appear complex. By law, we are required to include the full scope of our obligations, as well as your own, with regard to the services you’re subscribed to. The most important information is mentioned to you during your subscription and is highlighted on your invoice.

In short, Part 1 – Your Agreement presents the information about the services you’re subscribed to, while Part 2 – General Rules contains all the terms and conditions for all the services offered by Videotron to Residential customers.

Have specific questions about your contract? Get tips to better understand your contract.

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